Jul 30, 2012

The Maine Event

Last I left you I was heading to my sisters cabin in Maine to host her baby shower and sneak in a lobster roll or two on the road.  Mission accomplished on both accounts.  Here is the skinny on our Virtual Baby Shower...

The Doot - My Co Host in His Finest
First off, my sister and her husband have an amazing little cabin on the waters edge.  Literally.  You can walk down the shady wooded path to the rocky landing and launch a kayak right into the river.  It's amazing and totally a place I would want to live...minus the ever absent landlord, stinky septic, and having to trudge your own garbage to the city dump.  Sometimes the location is worth it...other times not so much.  Anywho...

The Doot ready to Skinny Dip

Besides the picturesque outside, the inside of the cabin is also quaint with a large sliding glass door that looks past the deck and to the water.  The perfect backdrop for some of my sisters favorite snacks growing up:

Bugles and Kettle Corn Enjoying the View

A little decorating before our guests arrive:

My Brother in Law Helping to Hang Banners!  Notice the Steps Down to the House...Yikes!

The Doot Supervising Proper Banner Placement

Once everyone arrived (well, the other two guests) lunch was served:

Delicious Lemon Basil Feta Cous Cous Salad & Tuna or Chicken Salad Mini Sandwiches on Butter Rolls and Croissants

Caprese Kabobs

Spinach and Feta bites on Freshly Baked Bread  Rounds Copied From Pinterest! 

We also served sparkling cider for the mommy and guests.  Since most of our family is in Illinois my mom and older sister, F, had the bigger duty of hosting guests at my moms house.  Once we were sitting with our plates of food we timed it so that mom's guest had just arrived and had drink in hand.  Then, due to technical genius, we fired up Skype on our respective sides and were able to connect both parties into one.  A little pre-planning was done on both ends to hook the computers up to the TV's so the picture would be big enough to see without having to huddle around a tiny computer screen.  Overall it was a success...except for the fact that the women in our family are very loud and tend to all talk at once - does not work with Skype.  To tell my aunts to take turns talking was the hardest part of the experiment and one that we definitely did not master!

Since my sister was moving home in a few weeks (happening as I type!) we told our guests to keep all presents in Illinois instead of shipping them - this saved on shipping costs but also the hassle of my sister having to repack them for the ride home.  Everything she needed for immediate use, like the stroller and car seats, she already had in Maine.  F took turns opening gifts in front of the camera so we in Maine could glimpse the baby shower loot!  She also wrote down who they were from since the ladies were still talking over each other and it was virtually (get it!) impossible to decipher!  After a half hour of back and forth "what did you say?" and "who is that from?" we threw in the towel, shut off the Skype, and enjoyed our half of the party.  The Doot even got in on some of the action by stealing a bugle or two off the table!

Overall a successful attempt to join two parties into one!  Have you guys ever had to improvise on party planning?  Feel free to leave a comment with tips and suggestions to  make such things easier on the masses.

Up Next - Lobster Roll Fever

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