Apr 19, 2012

Garden Prep

Yesterday was spent trying to tame my garden.  I suppose it wouldn't of been so difficult had I put the garden to bed properly last fall.  But, alas, after my trip to Spain in September I just let the garden run willy nilly until the snow came and I haven't stepped foot in there since...shame on me!

Here is what I started with:

Mission #1 - Move Raised Bed (the one with the hoop) to East side of Garden

We will soon begin building our deck in the back yard.  Due to our ugly chain link fence, the only way to get in the back yard with the earth mover is through my precious garden.  Since I am itching to get my plant on, I had to move one 3x8 raised bed (more on those here!) out of the way into it's new permanent spot.  Eventually we will put two more beds in but this summer we will make due with what we have.

I looked at this move from every direction.  Shovel out all the dirt to a container or tarp then shovel it back in?  Try to shimmy and move the bed with all its contents?  Uh, no.  I went the easy route!

1.  I rolled back the weed block where the new bed was going - see the first photo above.
2.  Picked up one edge of the bed and shook it free from the weed block I stapled to the bottom (here).
3.  Placed the wood frame over new weed block...eh, choose not to fix it to anything...
4.  Started shoveling the giant dirt cake that was left into the newly relocated wood frame.


It will all look nice and even when I get the paths back in there.  Oh, on a side note - anyone have a good idea for paths?  I am between gravel, grass, and the current which is mulch.  Let me know if you have any tips!!

Mission #2 - Remove weeds so the gate can close!

This was the not so fun part.  My first year in the garden I encountered a snake while digging around in such overgrowth.  This time I went slow and strategic one weed at a time.  It took about 15 minutes but I got it done...and look what I found!

No, It's not a carrot!  This is the worst weed root of em' all.  This sucker is as long as my size 8 shoe...and that's just the root!

Here is the updated entrance that is now (mostly) weed free:

And then this happened:

Booo - I had to call the day early on account of rain.  Though nothing is in the forecast, I am looking forward to a good soaking so I can get my lettuce planted asap!!

Next on the list of Garden To Do's?

  • Move water spicket/hose to a more centralized location
  • Plant lettuce!
  • De-weed the rest of the garden
  • Mulch between neighbors garage and our yard to keep the weeds at bay
  • Build hoop house for my lettuce so the birds to eat it!
  • Work on some kind of fence/entrance from our yard to the garden without having to go the driveway...with a doggie door so Bubba can keep the squirrels out!

And the list goes on!  Anyone else out in the garden today? 

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