Jan 20, 2012

Drastic Weather Calls for Drastic Measures

Seriously.  It. Is. Freezing.

I know you have all heard me talk about our living room/kitchen addition and how we didn't add heat as we were hoping the fireplace and small gas space heater would do the area justice.  Well.  It has not.  Neither have done what they were meant to do.  Our fireplace sucks it... literally, it sucks the heat of the fire right up through the chimney.  Our gas space heater blows...not so literally, it actually stopped working all together.  What we are now left with is half of a house (unfortunately the recently gutted and rehabbed half) that is completely useless to us in the winter.  It feels a little something like this:


You see, the cold half of the house connects with the heated half of the house in two places.

 1.  My office.  That room really is quite warm as it is closest to the furnace so it gets heated first and there is an actual door to block the heat loss.

2.  The kitchen to the dining room.  That doorway is open with no door to block the heat loss.

The walk way from the kitchen to the dining room is the current equivalent to leaving the front door wide open. You can actually feel the temperature dip 20 degrees when going from the dining room at the front of the house through the kitchen towards the back of the house.  20 degrees...I kid you not.

In the Kitchen
In the hallway by bedrooms

It is BRUTAL!  Today I got desperate.

After suffering through many a cold day/night with the heat kicking on every 5-10 minutes I knew we had to do something.  I didn't want anything permanent (as we will soon, fingers crossed, be fixing the problem all together) but I wanted something quick.  My first thought was to use a curtain to close off one room from the other.  My second thought was that I had no spare curtain nor did I feel like installing a rod.  So I went with what we have already lying around:
  • Tension rod - check
  • Blanket - check
All I did was wrap the blanket around the tension rod and secure that baby to the very top of the doorway.  Is this unsightly, yes, but it worked!

From the Dining Nook...this room is still in desperate need of paint...

From the Kitchen...perhaps red isn't the best color for this...

It kind of looks like an exclusive club... OK, maybe more like a strip club, but whatev...it is working!

I am happy to say the furnace hasn't clicked on in over 10 minutes.  I realize this is a VERY TEMPORARY solution (and perhaps I will change the red to a beige fleece blanket we have!), but this year I have vowed to use what we have or wait for what we need.  We don't NEED a new curtain or curtain rod for this little project.  Like I said, that would be a temporary fix.  This is ugly to us but no one else (except all of you) will ever see it.  When guests come over we will simply take it down and blast our 2 electric space heaters in the back.  But, for now, this works for us.  It is saving money on heating and saving us money on a temporary fix that we would have bought things for to make pretty but ultimately not need in the long run.  This is how we rock it LBR style...

Anyone else have ideas to block out the cold?  I am in the process of getting up the motivation to plastic all of our old single pane windows.  Oh, yes, I said single pane...in CHICAGO!!!  Damn - our list of To Do's is out of control...

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