Nov 21, 2011

DIY Fall Wedding Ideas...Its Not too Late!

We have officially blazed past fall and are heading into winter.  But there is a week or two left before I will concede to the official change of seasons.  As a last minute hail Mary for my favorite season I would like to share a few ideas from our wedding last fall.

Wedding favors/Seating cards:

We went seasonal, edible, dual purpose, and cheap...a few of my favorite things!  We bought Taffy Apples in bulk (with nuts for the adults and without nuts for the kids), switched out the plastic casing for cellophane goody bags from Target, and hand wrote tags with names and seating numbers.  Then we simply punched a hole and tied with twine.  So simple but decorative...and delicious!  There was not a single apple left behind.

The apples cost 69 cents a pop and the cellophane about 20 cents.  The tags were made out of extra thank you notes I had that matched the invite.  The thanks you notes were on sale at 25 for $5 and each card made 3 tags.  Since they were extras they didn't cost a dime which brings the grand total for each place card/wedding favor  89 cents!!  Perfect for our budget.

Wedding menus:

My mom and I made the menus by printing 2 per regular size card stock (with a bit of trial and error to get the sizing/fonts just right) then cutting them in half lengthwise.  Next, I took one of our favorite photos (printed in mass quantity) and glued them to card stock which I used my crafting scissors with the scalloped edge to cut the smaller card stock down to size.  People loved the individual touches and we loved the price tag!  In total the paper cost $7 and the photos $7.  $14 for 70 menus!!


We decided to forgo the traditional wedding cake as I am not a huge fan.  What I am a huge fan of is creme brulee which we opted to have instead of cake.  As an added bonus, my mom and grandma baked dozens of cookies in the days before the wedding day so we could  make a platter for each table.  we simply arranged the various types of cookies on paper doilies and decorative tin trays both purchased from the Dollar Store.  Toss in a few chocolates for good measure and there was plenty of dessert to go around.  Since our wedding was an hour and a half from home we made sure to place a bunch of cellophane bags on each table so people could take them to go for the ride home.


Since we were having a small wedding I wanted to keep it as intimate as possible.  I kindly asked/begged my brother in law, Sam Worden, to do the photography.  I wanted to make sure Sam felt like a guest and not just the paparazzi so I told him ahead of time which things were important to me and what wasn't.  Before the wedding I took pics with the fam.  He also took pics during the ceremony (which timed in at 5 minutes exactly) and after the ceremony with E for about 30 minutes.  After that I had no requests but he did manage to catch a few of my favorites when we weren't looking like the one above.  This is the picture of what we got to see from our table - all of our friends and family there to celebrate the day with us.

So that's it.  A look at our special day which we managed to do in a budget friendly way with enough DIY special touches to make it ours and only ours.  So how about you guys?  Got any special wedding tips to add to the list?  Feel free to leave a comment for all the future brides out there!!

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