Nov 11, 2011

I'm Baaaack! I Will Stick But Will My Runner?

That's right, ladies (and maybe a couple gents?).  I am back from a blogging break and ready to let the creative juices flow.  A little break turned into a couple month departure (which included a 350 mile hike in Spain! More on that later...) and after all is said and done I have to say - I missed you gals!  So let's get right to business with a little project I have been meaning to do fo-eva!

My long kitchen runner is both friend and foe to me.  First off, it was hard to find a good natural fiber runner long enough for our galley kitchen.  On top of that it was super duper hard to find one at a good price.  This baby came via at the bargain price of $80 including shipping.  Holla!

This bad boy vacuums up nicely and, though it has yet to happen, I am sure wouldn't mind a quick hose down were I (or E) to spill something such as wine or a whole plate of pasta on it.  Although the trim was supposed to be a chocolate brown, it turned out to be more of a milk chocolate than the dark chocolate I had been hoping for.  Eh - I have since learned to live with it. So with all these rave reviews what exactly are the sticking points?  Well, that's just it...there is no stick.  This runner slides and moves, even runs (hardee har) all over the kitchen.  See how it is all cockamamie...

I even tried an Ikea non slip gripper pad AND some sticky carpet tape but nothing seemed to do the trick...

In fact, due to movable runner, my loving husband accidentally punched me in the gut while trying to imitate the Karate Kid by throwing a fake punch, stepping onto running runner, and sliding right into my stomach.  Not E's finest moment but we were laughing so hard we nearly wet ourselves (and the runner) and I am happy to report I have since regained the breath that was knocked out of me.  But, come on now, this is serious stuff!

   Moving runner
+ hot boiling water while walking to the sink to drain pasta
= no bueno...did I mention I was recently in Spain?

So whats a girl to do?

Caulk, baby, caulk.  I found this little trick on Pinterest (aka my new BFF) so I thought I would give it a whirl.  You all know my affinity for caulking as seen in the kitchenbathroom, and even those pesky extra cabinet shelving holes that I filled with caulk.  Well, since we have been all around the house my trusty caulk has made it's way right back to the kitchen and into the hear of my runner.  Here is a quick way to non slip your slippy rug or runner:

  • Roll out the runner upside down.  Give it a good vacuum to make sure all the dirty, dusty, furry bits are off.  Then get a helper to inspect and re-fur the de-furred runner.  Since our runner is so long I had to move some furniture out of the way so don't mind the crampy furniture madness in the background or the sandy dusty floor....

Seriously...she wouldn't budge and insisted on giving my the stink eye for messing with the runner!

  • Once your helper has relaxed and consented to the project, you may move on with the caulk gun and start squirting away.  I made some zig zags up and down the runner...perhaps I got a little carried away...  

  • Let said Rug or Runner dry overnight.  Try to keep all furry beasts from walking on it during the night.

  • Flip it back over and hope for the best!

Looks like it worked but to be sure we had to run it through the LBR quick test.  After an encore presentation by the Karate Kid, I am happy to report the failed fake out punch of E's past is now easily averted.  I will let you know how this little project holds up over time, but for now - go forth and conquer all.  I challenge you to look as graceful as Daniel Son rockin' the Crane...

**  If by chance you see this tip floating around Pinterest please shoot me an email with the link so I can give the original pinner there due share of credit!  I have seen it a few times and never pinned it since it was one I could remember and now I can't find it!! **

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