Aug 12, 2011

Foodie Friday #21 - Drink It In + Special Announcement

Before we get to the big bruhaha I wanted to take a moment to thank everyone who has participated in the past 5 months of Foodie Fridays as well as those who hopped on to follow LBR to watch the progress of our home over the past 8 months.  It has been such a pleasure meeting everyone while also learning a bunch of tips and tricks to home improvements as well as lots and lots of recipes!

When I first started LBR I was working from home and doing a lot of home improvements and DIY projects that I wanted to share with someone - anyone.  I wanted to help others take the first step to power tools and demolition to make an idea come to fruition for those who maybe needed a little encouragement.  I have been so pleased to hear feedback from those who I helped as well as give feedback to those who have helped me.   I have built many great bloggy friendships over the past 8 months that I cherish and won't soon forget.  Don't worry - this is not a goodbye...

As many of you  know, I am no longer working from home.  I am back on the road several days a week and (for the moment) loving every moment of it.  I have realized over the past few weeks that I haven't been giving LBR the attention or quality of posts I first set out to do.  Although I have continued with Foodie Friday each week, I have not posted any of my projects and/or home improvements that this blog was first built on.  I have decided it is time to regroup.  It is time to take a bit of a hiatus and give myself some space and this blog some consideration as to how I want to move forward with it.   Again, I am not saying goodbye - I am merely taking a break to redirect my passions and revamp my writing technique.  I recently looked back at some of my first posts and have noticed a considerable change in tone and wit that makes my most recent posts look uninspired and, to be quite frank, a bit boring. not what I want out in the blogosphere and so not me.

Little Brick Ranch is the online diary of the happenings in this household...with an old house, big dog, new husband, and foster puppies running about those happenings are anything BUT boring.  I have a few things in my work life that are tapering off and we have some big projects underway at home.  I feel due to time constrictions I haven't made room in my day to write (or even think of writing) the way I once did..  As things get done around here I will continue to take photos and document ideas and at some point get time to write all about them in every last detail you could ever want to know.  But for now...I am hanging up the gone' fishing sign to enjoy what is left of the summer with E and Bubba.  I will be back soon and with a vengeance!!  Now let's lift our glasses in celebration as this is not the end...just another beginning...


It is here - the big 21.  Time to get our drink on...legally that is.  I have comprised a list of all cocktails that have been linked to Foodie Friday over the past 21 weeks.  Get ready to bookmark this list for some great party options whether it be for a whole group, a few friends, or a quiet night at home (Hey - I'm not judging, folks!).  Without further ado...

Grapefruit Lime Margarita - Everything Reconsidered

Candied Lemon Drop Martini - Did Someone Say Party?

Grapefruit Margarita - Little Wonder's Day

Strawberry Basil Mojito - Vittles and Bits

Muddled Strawberry Margarita - The Cake Dish

Killer Watermelon Chiller - Diapers and Divas

Straw-Beer-Y Lemonade - Diapers and Divas

Creamy Berry Cherry-tini - Will Cook For Smiles

Pink Drink - Melissa's Cuisine

Strawberry Lemon Daiquiri - A Mom Not a Professional Nor a Perfectionist

If you were featured grab a button.   I will be back soon and I will email all Foodie Friday participants of the past to let you know when the next Foodie Friday will take place.  Until then keep on truckin cookin'!!


*Here are couple rules before we get this party kickin'...*
  • It would be super nice if you Followed LBR, your hostess with the most-est...while you're at it, leave a comment if you so desire!
  • Your link MUST be a food related item, duh! It can be a recipe, a specific dish you are craving, a new foodie product you just found, a specific restaurants specific can be a picnic you had - I really don't care! Just make me want to eat it!
  • {mandatory} Please post my button or a clickable link in your post so others can join in - they are located on the bottom of the right sidebar...Walnuts or Garlic? I dig em' both!  If you don't know how to do this just email me and I can help you out...
  • Try not to post and run - check out another recipe and see what's cookin' elsewhere! You may just learn something! :)
  • Please DO NOT link up your linky parties.
  • FYI - By linking up your are giving me permission to use your recipe, blog, and or photos in an upcoming feature.  No worries - Ill always link back to you and your blog!!  :)

Let the mouth watering, drool inducing, stomach grumbling fun BEGIN!! I'm Hungry...

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