Jul 18, 2011

I've Been Sent To My Room...

Or, in this case....the Garage.  Due to constant half started projects I have been granted "permission" to use our 1.5 car garage as a staging/constructing/refurbishing area.  I get to make it my own little workshop!!  It all seems great, in theory, but when I actually went to take a peek at the garage today I realized why it is that we don't use it for it's given purpose...

Ughhh....I have my work cut out for me!  The garage has good bones but needs some desperate help...any volunteers??  After having seen this as a big reminder of how gross it is I immediately ran inside and jumped on Pinterest to get ideas for my space.  Here are a few ideas I am hoping to work in:

Pretty colors and a potting station...

Shelving in and orderly fashion...

Ohhhh - Spray Paint and Caulk storage...may not be ideal for our adverse weather conditions but perhaps I could use it as a tool cubby instead...

I saw this a few years back on LifeHacker - this is perfecto for a small garage...

Peg board LOVE:


Pretty colors and nice storage...

Organization Julia Childs style:


And while I am at it perhaps Bubba needs a little spa corner of her own...


Ahhhh - I feel better already.  Now I have to make some tough decisions on what will stay and what will go.  

Has the time come to let go of the Beast?? 

 Do we really need a high chair when we have no kids?


  Grandpas bike...restore or leave as is?  

Here are a few of the problems ailing our garage in it's current state:
  • Major leakage from the foundation.  Rain water comes in from the sides...unfortunately one of those sides houses our dog run.  Yup, poopy rainwater in the garage.  Time to fix the prob before  glam it up inside!!
  • Spiders, bugs, and other flying things!  Did I mention all the spider webs that go with those??
  • The garage door has no safety sensor to stop it from closing when things are in the way.  So far we have only lost a garbage can which was crushed to it's death but I would prefer not to loss anything else...fingers, toes, and what nots.
  • Insulation??  Oh...insulation would be a delight.  First I have to make sure the walls arent leaking (I don't think they are) and then I can move on to my next project...
  •  Walls.  Yes.  We need walls.  All that is standing now is the 2x4's.  I am hoping for something with a bit more wow factor like drywall, pegboard, or even plywood!  At this point I don't care!
I could probably come up with a bit more if I really took a good hard look but, as I mentioned previously, there are bugs and spiders in there!!  Today I am starting at square one.  PURGE.  I'll keep you updated on my progress.  If you don't hear from me in a few days I am sure it is due to the spiders having teamed  up to build a huge web which they have me stuck in.  Please send food, water, and Bear Grylls to extract me safely.

Click HERE for more Garage Inspiration as well as other ideas and things I am craving!!  This gal ♥'s to pin!

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