Jun 16, 2011


Hey all - I am so sorry to be gone (again) this week.  It isn't that the creative juices have stopped flowing - the opposite, actually, the are GUSHING!  I have been so busy with projects galore that I haven't had the time to stop and write em' up!  I know I know - such a bad blogger I am.

Here is a list of the current goings on at LBR:

1.  Switched up the office/lounge room for a more streamlined look.  OK - I realize I JUST finished the office a while back but it needed to be changed again.  Once you live in a space for awhile you know what works and what doesn't and my office layout was not workin' for me.  I feel no shame in switching it up yet again.  Just to keep ya'll on your toes I may just rearrange it 2 more times before the year is through!

2.  The garden is getting a MAJOR overhaul.  I may have leaked that bit on FB yesterday because I am so stinkin' excited!  I worked for hours on it the past few days in the blazing heat and am happy to have taken the day off today while the rain pours upon my newly replanted crop...FYI - lettuce does not like to be moved and transplanted but I am happy to say the cooler weather today and the loads of rain it perked right back up!  :)

3.  The front room is now a staging area for the impending garage sale that has twice been called off due to rain.  Once it dries up again I hope to have all that crap-o-la relocated to the garage and hopefully out of our life for good when the garage sale-ing folk hunt down our wears.  Until then the pile will continue to grow.

4.  As you know, I am back at work flying, but now I am also back at work nannying.  Actually, calling it nannying is a completely misleading as the boys have all but out grown me so I am now referring to myself as a glorified taxi driver with mutes in the back seat.  Seriously - is there some chip in the brain that shuts down to adults the moment a boy turns into a teenager...you know, ala Rusty Griswold style??

5.  A few DIY house sprucing projects such as a simple paper star burst and finally spraying my freebie brass lamps.  Ohhh - I can't wait to show you my Raspberry Beret Brass Lamp...yes, I sung the song the whole time I sprayed it while on my front lawn looking like a looney tunes.

 FYI - I tried to give you the You Tube video of Raspberry Beret from Prince but my company wont let me access you tube...rats....
That's it for now.  I will be leaving for another trip shortly (I'm actually writing from the airport!) and have dedicated all day today to catching up on posts...once I get to LA that is...  Please bare with me as I do my best to get situated.  Anyone else feeling bogged down lately??  Feel free to leave a comment!!

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