Jun 30, 2011

Bloggers - Please Help Spread the Love

Hey All -

I wanted to take a quick moment to send some love to a blogger friend of mine, Linda, from Our House on The Corner.  Linda and her three boys recently lost their husband/daddy in a motorcycle accident.  Please take the time to pop over and send her some love.  I can not even imagine what she must be going through but I know that in the past few months blogging I have been encouraged by all of your comments, support, and well wishes.  If there was ever a time to support one of our own now would be it.

I other news, I am taking a bit of a break in prep for this weekends shindig at our house.  We will be hosting our friends form the far off burbs as well as our neighbors.  This weekends forecast is to be 90 degrees - not exactly the best weather for baking indoors but it will be a must as we will be preparing a Bosnian traditional dish called Burek.  Oh, don't you worry, there will be much more on that later!  In the meantime...

  • I almost have the finishing touches done on the 3rd post for Sq. Ft. Gardening so I hope to have it up later today but if not I'll have to wait till Monday as not to interfere with Foodie Friday - ya'll are joining me, aren't you??
  • Today I am working in the office and purging all non necessities for the Garage Sale...so much harder to do than say
  • I am also dog sitting my moms pooch who is crazy on his own but when put together with Bubba makes for an interesting mix of  crazy and exhaustion - for me, not the dogs!
Thanks to everyone and I will be back soon...Foodie Friday should be up and running tonight around 8pm.  If you are following my Sq Ft Gardening posts I will do my best to get the next installment up before them...only time (and unexpected interruptions from crazy dogs) will tell...

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