May 30, 2011

Room for 2 - Guest Room Revisited + Metal Bed Frame Tips

Well, it didn't take long for us to upgrade the newly redone guest room!  When did I last blog about this "finished" project...2 months ago?  Turns out it wasn't as finished as I had hoped, but no worries, we upgraded for FREE!!  HERE is how we left off last month...

My neighbor, Mandy, is less than four weeks from her due date with little "Sprout".  In her crazy nesting state she wants things done and she wants them done NOW...lucky for her she has a hubs that can work a full time job AND get the work done at home!  Kevin is currently in the middle of gutting and rebuilding the kitchen, pulling up the flooring in the living room to sand and stain the wood floors beneath it, and ripping the paneling off the living room wall which then had to be repainted (don't worry - I am following their progress and will post on it all later).  The last item on the To Do list - the nursery!  Enter our newest freebie...their guest-room-soon-to-be-nursery's full size bed!

Yes, that's right.  We have now upgraded from a twin to a full size bed in our guest room.  Mandy offered the bed to me a few minutes after she listed it on Craigslist.  I jumped at the offer and now here it sits - all 54 inches wide and 75 inches long of it!  That is a 15 inch difference in width from the twin which previously occupied the space. 15 extra inches makes a ton of difference in the long run when guests come to stay.  Before the full size they had the option of the twin in the guest room, the twin in my office, or the couch in the basement...all pretty unappealing to a couple.  Though a full size bed isn't exactly luxurious in comparison to a queen or king, at least the prospect is better than the twins in separate rooms...there is definitely room for 2 now.  The best part was the price tag...FREE!!  Booyah!!

Of course, when I stripped the old twin and moved it from the wall I was bummed to see a nice 4 inch long gash in the freshly pained wall.  Nothing like putting a little hitch in my giddy up...

These things happen...but they don't have to!  How bout a quick tip for metal frames?   An easy fix for this little problemo is to take some duct tape and wrap the edges of your so...

Yeah, it isn't exactly pretty but it works.  Now when it rubs on the wall you won't have a single mark left behind!  I am hoping you will be thoughtful enough to have a bed skirt or some sort of contraption so these babies don't show...nobody likes to see an old metal bed frame especially when it is rigged with duct tape!  Talk about a major bed room faux pas!  Oh, and since we are keeping it cheap in the guest room we are sticking with the metal frame for now but, don't worry, Ill work out some type of headboard in no time at all.  In the meantime this array of pillows balances out the fact that there is no headboard...or art work for that matter!!

With a small bedroom there is another issue that can come up  Enter these mighty little suckers...

Yup, Mandy also gave me her set of risers so I could have some extra storage underneath our new guest bed...BONUS!!  You know I am a sucker for storage - especially when the room comes with one tiny piddly closet.

Last time I showed off this room I spared you the instant anxiety that would have been caused by seeing the insides of the drawers of that their little dresser.  At the time they were FULL of random crap...yes, the same gypsy pack of crap seen HERE and HERE and, for good measure, HERE!  Yesterday I emptied each and every little thing out of them so they are sitting empty and ready for use!   I cant wait to paint said dresser but that will come in good time.

I dare not show you the looks of my office right now but I will show you the freshly cleaned out dresser...

Don't mind the hair dryer in that one drawer...With a full size mirror this room has become my go to place when we are scrambling through our morning rituals and the bathroom gets tight on elbow room.

While I was at it, I also emptied out the closet except my mother-in-laws clothes and knitting supplies for when she comes to visit from Bosnia...she is going to LOVE the new bed!!   

OK - it isn't entirely MY mother-in-laws space - I may have snuck my shoe rack on the back of the door.  I can only stack so many shoes in our bedroom closet so the overflow now goes here.  Speaking of shoes - did you see my fabulously FREE shoe storage idea?  You best pop over and check it out HERE...genius if I do say so myself!

Little steps are helping to make this house a home...I especially like the little FREE steps that help!  Thanks again to Mandy for being a fabulous neighbor and giving my next guests a proper place to lay their weary heads!!  :)

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