May 24, 2011

Pineapple Express

I ♥ pineapple. It is sweet, juicy, and if you close your eyes really really tight you can picture yourself somewhere sunny, sandy, and tropical. Seriously - try it!! As fabulous as my dear pineapple friend is, unwrapping this delicious treat from nature is far from pleasant. I tried for years to find a practical approach to ridding myself of the sticky mess that usually follows and, I am nearly ecstatic to tell you, after many unsuccessful attempts I have now perfected my art. This is a fool proof way to cut your pineapple with the least amount of cleanup and without breaking even the tiniest amount of sweat.

Here is your step by step guide to cleaning a pineapple the LBR way...

1. First determine if your pineapple is ripe. It will smell like, well, pineapple. It will look like a pineapple. But the best way to know is if you pull on one of those leafy spikes in the middle and it comes out with just a bit of give. Rest assure this is a ripened pineapple and you are ready for slicing and dicing. On a side note - Pineapples do not ripen once they have been picked. Make sure you buy one that is already ripe from the beginning or, once you cut into it, you may find it to be acidic and a bit sour. That can be remedied by making a smoothie or adding some kind of sweetener. Your best bet for eating it straight is to get one ripe from the beginning!!

2. Grab a giant cutting board and place pineapple sideways. Chop the bottom off the pineapple...DO NOT chop the top! picture of this but I am pretty sure you get the gist...

3. Stand the pineapple up with the cut part on the cutting board and grip said pineapple by the leafy spikes. With a sharp knife start working your way around the pineapple and cutting the edges off in nice long slices. Don't get too deep or you will be losing fleshy deliciousness from your fruit!

4. Now is the fun and easy part. Once your pineapple is naked and the top is still on - tilt it to the side and cut slices in the flesh going both vertical and horizontal. The knife will naturally stop where the core is.

5. Hold the pineapple over your storage container or serving dish and slice down the pineapple like you were when taking off the skin. Since you already scored it earlier the pieces (and any juice) will fall directly into the container. Mess free!

6. Keep working your way around the fruit until all you have left is the stump...

And there you have it - sweet pineapple-y goodness with no mess and little cleanup! Next time you are in the grocery store and you see one of these thorny giants calling out to you just grab it. No need to be afraid anymore. You will be enjoying it's sweet juicy taste and picturing yourself tan and in the Bahamas within 5 minutes of getting it home.

Oh - and I would like to thank my dear husband, E, for stopping me mid carving to tell me what a great post this would be. Ain't he sweet?

Do you have a great kitchen tip to share? Feel free to leave a comment or even a link back to your post!! Can't wait to see what you've come up with!!

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