May 11, 2011

Mother's Day The Green Way

My Wedding Day October 2010
My mom is always doing things for us. I am not sure if it is in her DNA, the way she was raised, or just the way she is but she will jump at the chance to help in any way and always puts herself last behind a long line of others. She is a mother of 3, step mother of 2, and grandmother of 5. She is what I wish one day to be...well, maybe with a tiny bit more fashion sense but we are currently working on that! :)

My sister is also a mother of 3. She teaches art at our old high school and is the process of training for a marathon as well as Wisconsins Tough Mudder this July. Every year we try to plan something for mom though it doesn't always work out and the fall back is usually brunch or some food related event. This year, when we started planning our Mothers Day tribute to mom, my sister insisted we do nothing that revolves around food...hmmmm. Did I mention she is also in the middle of some sort of nutritional cleanse?'s no fun to eat out with those kind of dietary restrictions. So after thinking about it for a bit I decided on a little outdoorsy fun to honor mom this year. Kayaking!!

Chicago River Canoe and Kayak rents canoes and kayaks by the hour (or day if you go over 4 hours) at reasonable prices:

  • Canoes and Single Kayaks - $15 an hour
  • Tandem Kayak - $20 an hour
  • Or the day rate which is = to 4 4 hours they stop charging!
Chicago River Canoe and Kayak has 2 launch points - one in the Chicago and the other at the Skokie Lagoons in Winnetka. I had paddled with them before on a moonlit dinner cruise out of the Chicago location so we chose to try the Lagoons. This is an area I have passed many times and have bit quite mesmerized by so when I found out they had a launch here I was super excited to sign up!! I emailed the day before to reserve the boats and we were promptly email back and confirmed for the next morning...gotta love good customer service...

Upon arrival we were greeted by two nice men (major fail on my part for not getting their names...) and a boat load of options...get it? We could choose from a few different kayaks and paddles and were given a brief tutorial on paddling, steering, and what not.

We are not professionals by any means! I kayaked a few years back, my mom had tried it just the week before, and my sister had never been. Between us we were like a toddler trying to run a marathon at first but we quickly caught on...

We saw a few turtles and a beautiful HUGE I was trying to take the picture he flew off with a giant wingspan of at least 6 feet. Nope, no picture on that!!! Such a bummer..but here are the turtles as a consolation...

Not exactly a 6 foot wingspan... It's like Where's Waldo but I know they are there! As soon as we got closer to take a better picture they jumped off the log. Bummer #2...Oh well! The lagoons where quite calm and quiet for a Sunday morning...I guess everyone else was doing brunch at that point! Towards the end of our paddle we saw another couple portage their way over the dam...

We will definitely be doing that next time! On our way back to the launch the three of us decided this would be a great Mothers Day tradition to start so the plans are officially on for next time husbands and kids (and FOOD) are invited too! :)

To the one who reads my blog, comments, and always encourages. Thanks, Mom, for a great day and for everything that you do...everyday.

Love, Bianca Chicago River Canoe and Kayak, kayak in the Skokie lagoons, Skokie Lagoons, Winnetka Lagoons, Canoe on the Chicago river, Kayak on the chicago River
I was not paid or perked for this endorsement...though I am currently taking bribes and perks for future endorsements! :)
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