May 31, 2011

Mosquito's Got You Itching With Rage?

This is a Sponsored post written by me on behalf of Mosquito Magnet for SocialSpark. All opinions are 100% mine.

Yup, me too.  As an avid gardener (can I be avid if it has really just been 1.5 seasons since ! started?) I am out in the yard for hours on end.  In Chicago that means humid weather and Volkswagen size mosquitos.  Since it is so hot and so humid your skin is always sticky and sweaty which attracts mosquitos like sweet nectar to the bees.  These itch causing little buggers tend to swarm and attack in droves causing you to swat endlessly and leaving you with masses of itchy swollen welts.  The annoyance tends to be overbearing.

Last year, once our organic veggie garden was in full bloom, we heard that if you gardened in the morning the mosquitos wouldn't be out and we could get more done.  No dice.  We tried each morning for a week and still they managed to get us...each of us counting the new bites and cursing our new nemesis.  After a week we could no longer deal with the constant threat of malaria each time we went to pick a veggie or two.  We bought some natural bug repellant and...wait for it...still no dice.  What's a girl to do??

Mosquito Magnet Executive Mosquito Trap and Accessories

Yup, that's right.  How about a little Mosquito Magnet action to get the skeeters off my back and magically directed someplace else.  Ok - it isn't magic so much as patented technology that lures, captures then controls said skeeters...


Pretty neat, huh?  I haven't been able to convince the hubs of this purchase quite a price tag of $789 it isn't exactly in our frugal budget, however my neighbor told me that her Aunt (a super avid gardener with a giant greenhouse and everything!) indeed has this very same product!!  After years of doing the same swatting and dodging that we have she has tried just about every product on the market and this one is still her fav!!  I don't know about you but that is endorsement enough for me!!  time to start saving the pennies which will eventually save our gardening bods from mosquito bites and malaria!  :)

FYI - After this glowing endorsement for Mosquito Magnet are you ready to pull the trigger?  If you purchase by June 1 you will receive a FREE 18 month warranty...ya'll know I love me some FREE!  :)

What are your favorite summer evening things to do?  Have mosquitos interrupted your fun?  Have you ever tried a product like this to keep them at bay?  Please feel free to leave a comment with your favorite summer time activities!!  I can't wait for late night evenings on the back patio listening to crickets and watching fireflies light up the yard...oh, and hopefully we will be Mosquito free by then with help of the Mosquito Magnet!  :)


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