May 16, 2011

GIVEAWAY - Want Your ORGANIC Garden to Grow??


I bet you do!! I have mentioned these guys before but never with the word GIVEAWAY in the same sentance so get ready because this is the one to win if you want a record breaking garden this year!!

Antaeus Organics is an organic fertilizer business and a company started by my very own neighbors. Need a little background? Our neighbor, Phill, puts the man-ure in entrepreneur. Literally. When we first met him and his wife, they had just started Antaeus and were growing worms and harvesting worm castings (the nice way to say worm poop) in their the dead of winter! That was almost 2 years ago and this blossoming company has since moved to a warehouse in Chicago where organic is the name and manure is the game.

Most of you know that last year was my first year with a vegetable garden...EVER! Not only did we plant a vegetable garden but we choose to make it organic and did it with organic seeds and the use of no pesticides. Some of you have asked how I got my garden to go from this...

to this... very first year of gardening. Was it beginners luck? Nope - not a bit. But the answer is easy - Antaeus Organics! For realz...

Last year we bought a bunch of Miracle Grow Organic soil and filled up one of our beds. When Phill saw what I was doing I was scolded and promptly educated on organic soil, its components, and all sorts of other things I never realized. I won't bore you with scientific details (major snooze factor for me...) but let me just say that this man is passionate about his soil, his worms, and ALL that they produce! Seriously! Check out all the benefits of worm castings HERE! I immediately brought back the Miracle Grow and bought a whole bunch of Antaeus Organics soil with castings. We added the castings and re-tilled the entire garden. The outcome was amazing, as I am sure you noticed, and we had an abundance of veggies all summer long.


Remember when I started to till a few weeks ago (HERE)? I put the whole thing on hold until yesterday when my delivery of my castings arrived. I finished the whole garden in just the nick of time before the rain poured need to water - nature took care of it! On a side note...I am so so sorry for all of you who are suffering with flooding, tornadoes, and other weather related tragedies this spring. Please know we are thinking good thoughts for all of you and hoping for a quick end to all your troubles.

These pics are prior to tilling due to rain but I can assure you it is all mixed in and ready for planting!! I am sure by now you are asking yourself, "how can I get me some" or, perhaps it is more like, "get to the point already" - whichever it is here are the deets:

Want to take the Antaeus Organics Worm Casting Challenge?

Antaeus Organics is giving one LBR follower a 4 QT sample bag of Worm Castings...wait, make that TWO lucky followers!!

Whether you have a tiny little windowsill herb garden or a honkin' big plot like mine, every plant deserves the best chance to grow and be green and these castings will insure the best for your little seedlings! If you have already tilled and planted you can still add the castings quite easily...Sprinkle the castings in the soil around your plants and gently mix it into the soil with your fingers. Water as usual and wait for the organic love to grow. Challenge you plants by adding Antaeus Organics to a few plants and place them next to a few of the same variety without it...see which one grows better!!

**So far Antaeus is sold only in the Chicagoland area (click to see where) but is available to be ordered online. If you are serious about your garden, especially about your organic vegetables, this is the black gold you have been waiting for!**

How To Enter:

1. You must be a follower of this blog and leave a comment telling me what science-y thing you learned while reading about worm castings ...don't worry - it is actually really interesting even for a science dud like me!

Extra Entries:

2. "Like" Antaeus on Facebook HERE. It is a fairly new page but look forward to some great organic gardening tips in the future! Let them know how you found them and leave a comment here telling me you're following them.

3. "Like" Little Brick Ranch on Facebook HERE.

4. Blog, Tweet, or FB about this GIVEAWAY. Separate entry for each. will pick a winner Friday 5/20 and I will ship the bags as soon as the winners email me with their address. Shipping within the US only.


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I was not paid, perked, or bribed for this endorsement...though I am currently taking cash. bribes, and perks f
I was not paid, perked, or bribed for this endorsement...though I am currently taking cash. bribes, and perks for future endorsements! :)or future endorsements! :)
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