May 2, 2011

GIVEAWAY!! How 'Bout Some Chick Hardware??


Whats more chic than Chick Hardware? In my opinion...nada. Nothing. Not one thing.

A few weeks back I was introduced to Hiedi from Chick Hardware. At the time she was just about to hit 100 followers and there was a big ole giveaway goin' on...ya'll know how I love me a giveaway!! I found my self jumping over to the Chick Hardware Etsy page to pick the piece I most enjoyed and keep my fingers crossed so I could win...I didn't win. Not only didn't I win but I didn't win any of the 3 giveaways I entered with the 20 plus entries total. Bummer...but it didn't much matter as I had already made up my mind to buy one of her pieces (but it would have been oh so much better to have won). And then, as luck would have it, Heidi and I hit it off after I found a minor glitch in one of her buttons and wrote her with the new code to fix it. A bloggy friendship ensued and last week, low and behold, I opened my mail to find a neat little package addressed from Heidi...

OK - my camera wasn't cooperating in terms of lighting but here is my new favorite piece of jewelry...


Heidi makes beautiful jewelry and, among it, she has a collection of pocket watch style pendants. Besides my adorable owl, she has crowns, silver balls and recently this creative lady added skeleton keys, filigree, and even the Eiffel tower...not the real one - you know, like, a mini one!! These items are not only chic but super cute AND affordable - you know I wouldn't be this hyped up if it weren't affordable. Each of the following are...wait for it...wait for it...under 20 BUCKS!!

But the fun doesn't stop there - Heidi even has a special something for Mothers Day...a personalized Mama Bird Necklace! Or perhaps bracelets are more your style??

Seriously cute, right?? This little sampling is only scratching the surface of what Heidi can do!! For her entire selection (which she just added to this weekend!!) make sure to pop by the Chick Hardware Etsy page. Make sure to order Mom's gift soon so you can get it in time for Mothers Day and, while you're at it...through in a little something for yourself. We all know YOU DESERVE IT!! :)

I was honored by Heidi's generosity that I am happy to pay it forward. Because I love ya'll so much - I am going to award one lucky winner a $20 credit towards Chick Hardware so you can try to win your very own piece!! The rules are quite simple...


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