Apr 6, 2011

Spring Clean to Glam up Those Kitchen Cabinets

The problem with glass front cabinets is they show everything...hmmm...I thought that was the point of them!  Well, once you live with glass fronts for a while you realize you have to keep them (and their contents) in check or they tend to look super messy.

If you checked in yesterday you may have read my post on beautifying my glass front cabinets with just a squeeze of the caulk gun...if you didn't shame on you ;) but you can always click here to get caught up.  Once the caulking was done I was ready to weed some things out and overall rearrange the madness that is our cabinets.  For one thing, we had glasses and mugs in different cabinets.  We also had dishes and bowls on both sides...let's get it together, lady!  I have no idea what I was thinking when I first loaded up my cabinets but I now knew it was time for a change.

First things first - move all drinking glasses, wine glasses, and mugs to one side.  It makes sense to have the glasses and mugs closest to the fridge and stove where we get more of our drinks from...we drink A LOT of tea in this house!!  See the Boss mug?  E thinks that is his but I always drink from it when he is gone and I never pour his tea in it...so that means that I am the BOSS!!  He also bought me a mug that say "Over the Hill" which he thought was a inspirational saying to congratulate me for making it to 100 followers...He had no idea what "Over the Hill" actually meant...

Second - I moved all bowls and plates to the other side - why they were all divided I have no idea!  This way we have all the different sizes in one place for easy access when dishing out our food stuffs...mmmm...food stuffs...

Third - do something about the zoo that is our serving dishes that we rarely use.  They were all staggered about in weird formation.  How could I show them off a bit without being to obvious at the same time...This is where the brain kicked in.  I used a similar idea as when I fixed my laptop to be a PC (see that here).  Instead of using a pot holder for a sticky surface I took some sticky clear bumpers normally used for doors and such and stuck them to the glass shelf.  I then propped up my dish against the back of the cabinet to where it would lean against the stopper to, well, stop it from sliding further.  See?



With a small piece of sticky rubber I was able to make the cabinet look a little more presentable.  I would much rather look at a little clear bumper than the labels on all the bottoms of my dishes!  Ooops - in this picture you get a before shot of all the shelving holes...the after (from yesterday's post) looks soooo much better!

All these quick fixes with the help of yesterdays caulking the cabinets look much more presentable.  The best thing is it cost a few cents and very little time to make the kitchen look showroom ready... OK - maybe not that good but something close.  I realize we could use some fun punches of color in our dining ware and perhaps a cute print for the back of the cabinets but for now our motto is "Work With What We Have" and what we have ain't so shabby!  :)

Oh - and adding fresh herbs to your kitchen really help liven up the place.  The herbs in the Milk container are cilantro straight fro the grocery store which I bought for less than a buck.  If you change the water every couple of days they will last on your counter top for over a week~I love walking by to catch the scent lingering!!  :)  As for the rest of the stuff on our counter...Dog treats, a bowl of garlic, the oranges we will juice today, and the Olive Oil and dipping dishes I brought down from the cabinets which will get a lot more use now that they are within arms reach. 

Also - I want to make sure I point out my Nana's antique cake stand that I received at my wedding shower.  It is beautiful, fragile, and will remain on the top shelf in these cabinets until I die...I am afraid of breaking it!!  Check it out...

What are you guys doin' for your spring cleaning?  Feel free to leave a comment and let me know where your projects are at!  I am about to take it outside when this weather gets a little warmer tomorrow...stay tuned for some garden fun!!  :)

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