Apr 13, 2011

Paint Supplies - Reunited And It Feels So Good....

 In the past few months I have had my gypsy pack of tools and supplies meandering about from room to room...truly, they meander. A paint brush here, trim cups there, and rollers everywhere. In honor of Spring Cleaning Month, I finally got a hold on the situation and brought the whole fam-dam-aly back together again.

We have a paint station in our basement where actual paint cans and my HUGE tub of primer are kept. Taking a look at the situation I thought it best to move the paint cans away from our furnace...flammable substance + fire not so good. They have since been relocated to a closet on the opposite side of the basement. All the other tools and paraphernalia that I use has been wrangled together and is now resting nicely beneath my office daybed.

First I took these huge under the bed bins from Ikea (As Is, of course) and put some felt sticky feet on the bottom...this way when I pull them out from under the bed the plastic wont scratch up against our wood floors:

Need a close up of that price tag?? You know how eager I am to show off these lovelies...

Next, I went about the task of gathering all things paint:

See all those rollers? We have 6...if we were more organized we wouldn't of had to keep buying them!! Hmmm...but now that we have them we have plenty to hand our friends when they come over and happen to find us mid project!!

The other bin has my boxes for spray painting small things (like our doorknobs seen here), all of our extra roller inserts in every size and finish imaginable, a leftover vent cover (remember that project?) which we may need down the line, and paint swatches galore!

And there ya have it!! Everything in it's place. Under the bed boxes are not just for your winter clothes anymore!! The bins sit nice and snug under the bed and can be pushed back to the wall so you can't even tell they are there...

OK - ya' got me...this is an old picture of our cutie foster pup, Driver, but you get the idea. Under that bed is a plethora of painting paraphernalia to scratch ones itchin' desire to paint!! :)

How is your Spring Cleaning coming along?? It used to be it would only take me a day or two, then a week, now I have devoted the entire month of April to Spring Cleaning!! Feel free to leave a comment with how your cleaning has made an impact!!

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