Apr 20, 2011

I'd Like to Thank The Academy...

This morning I woke to a fabulous tweet from @Rstonebeagle (AKA Rhinestone Beagle) informing me that they had just awarded me and 10 other lovely bloggers the Kreative Blogger Award...BOOYAH!! Kelly and Anita...I am sending you some big ole smooches via the internet right now...did ya get em'? I hope you caught them and not some other strange virtual weirdo!!!

So what this means is I have to tell you 10 random facts about me AND pass this on to10 other blogs that I feel deserve this award...The 10 facts will be relatively simple but the 10 blogs will be the hard part!! Let's get started...

10 Random Facts

1. I am a Flight Attendant by trade, a Realtor by obsession, and a DIY gal by default.

2. The first concert I ever went to was Moody Blues with my parents...my sisters and I weren't too sure what that funky smell was until my second concert in 7th grade when my 6 good friends and all of our dads took us to see Aerosmith. Of course, by then we had a good idea what was going on with all the smoke in the air...and the funky smell that came with it!

3. Although I love grapes and wine and pretty much anything with grape flavor, I HATE raisins...with a passion.

4. I love to cook (though most of you know that) and for the past 2 years and (much to the dismay of my Italian family and Bosnian husband) I no longer eat meat. I am too much in love with sushi and cheese to go vegan...or vegetarian for that matter!

5. I am obsessed with reality TV, again, much to the dismay of my husband.

6. I love to read...I really love to read. I used to sit in a magnolia tree in our back yard and read for hours...now I sit on the couch...

7. I would rather buy tools then have new clothes, shoes, make up, or purses...the only thing that beats tools is cold hard cash, uh, so I can BUY tools!

8. I once flew to Spain by myself to hike the Camino De Compostela. It is a 500 mile hike through some tricky terrain that after1.5 half weeks of non stop rain and muddy boots eventually did me in with a twisted ankle which in turn caused a bum knee... I intend to return and finish that sucker ASAP!!

9. I lived in Ashland Oregon for 2 years and have always wanted to move back...I LOVED everything about living out West except that my family lived so far.

10. I used to be a Deadhead...

Now - On to the Lovely Blogs I will be sharing this with...

1. My Simple Home Life
2. At Home With K
3. Sugar and Spice in The Land Of Balls and Sticks
4. Chick Hardware
5. The Pursuit of Happiness
6. Once Upon a Tomato
7. Sweet Nothings
8. Yesterday On Tuesday
9. Blue Velvet Chair
10. Informal Home

Please be sure to check out The Rhinestone Beagle as well as these other fine bloggers to peruse their insights and also get a little dirt on their backgrounds!! Make sure to leave them a comment to let them know you were there...you know how we all ♥ comments!


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