Apr 21, 2011

Foodie Friday #5 + Earth Day GIVEAWAY!!

Happy Earth Day!!


Last week we had lots of great recipes and, of course, my super long Lobsta Roll post. Thanks to those of you who were able to read through the whole thing without falling asleep!! :) I know it was a long one but I promise to keep it brief from now on...and at the urging of E who is my editor (although not a very good one if you have noticed the amount of spelling and grammar mistakes I make!).

First off, I want to thank both BJ and Melissa for introducing me to The Pioneer Woman...ummm...never heard of her before you ladies linked up. Yee Hah...I am in for some real tasty treats!!

BJ at Sweet Nothings and her Fab Buttery Rosemary Rolls... If ya'll haven't met BJ then pay close attention here - SHE IS PAULA DEAN IN DISGUISE. I am totally serious. Ignore the photos on her site - I am 99.9% this is Paula acting with a moniker. For realz...and I totally agree with Paula BJ, you CAN eat these suckers with jam. Sweet and savory were meant to be!

Do I even need to tell you how these babies struck my fancy?? Oh, they struck it all right!! The combination of lemon and raspberries is so fresh...it's like a crisp summer morning before the sun wakes up...or, in reverse, a cool summer evening right before the sun goes down. Whatever way you slice it, these Raspberry Lemonade Angel Food Cupcakes are pure heaven!! Did Someone Say Party...no, really, Did Someone Say Party is responsible for these delights. Make sure to pop over and see what else Gretchen and Heather have been up to. They are so so close to 100 followers...I am sure if we all joined in we could get them up to the big 1-0-0!!

Thanks to the ladies at Turbo Bubblegum and these Creamy Chicken Taquitos (Healthy Version) my life can begin again. You see, when I was a younger gal living in the city I became addicted to 7-11's Jalapeño Cream Cheese Taquitos. They would sit on those hot rollers under the neon heating lamp and sing out to me like the Sirens to Odysseus...."Buy me, Eat me, I am healthy...I swear..." - right...final last words. Though I proved to be captured a time or 2 by their whispering sweet nothings, much like Odysseus, I eventually prevailed. I said no more to the rampant taquito and moved on with my life...though it was never quite the same.

Ask anyone on a diet...it is very hard to cut out an entire food group (especially one that is made of creamy cheese and a jalapeño kick) without always remembering the source of your addiction and it's sweet renderings plastered to your hips and thighs. I am happy to say, since seeing these healthier more growns up (yes, I misspelled it on purpose because it is oh so much funnier this way) version for this older and wiser gal, I will soon be back in the boat attempting to steer this Odyssey toward Taquito Heaven! How is it possible these lovely ladies only have 18 followers...surely we won't leave them hanging!!

ANNDDDD - In honor of Earth Day I thought I would share this special link with you!! Kim at Too Much Time on My Hands linked up with this Homemade Vegetable Wash. Honestly, I can not believe people were ever buying veggie wash...especially when it now seems so easy to make!! Seriously, folks...isn't there something else you could do with that money...like send it to me if you want... :) Kim has a super cute blog with a name that keeps screaming in my ear...oh, wait, that is E freaking out over another new project when there are sooo many others left to finish. I know we have ALL been there!! Go stop in and say hello - Kim is a crafty chick who would LOVE to hear from you!!

And that's it for my FEATURES this week. Ya'll know I am often running behind so if I didn't give you a shout our this week make sure to pop back in next week... If you were featured please make sure to grab a button on my right sidebar!!

NOW - Let's try something FUN today!! My hubs is off work today so I won't have as much time to "rally the troops" to get this party rockin...how bout ya'll tell one blogging buddy to pop over and link up?! It will help you all to get your recipes seen and it will free some time for me to spend witt E!! Sound good??

There are no rules to this linky party except...duh duh duh done...

  • It would be super nice if you want to Follow me...while you're at it, leave a comment if you so desire! These certainly are not mandatory - I am happy to have you here either way!
  • Your link MUST be a food related item, duh! It can be a recipe, a specific dish you are craving, a new foodie product you just found, a specific restaurants specific dish...it can be a picnic you had - I really don't care! Just make me want to eat it!
  • Add my button or a clickable link to your post or side bar so others can join in - they are located on the bottom of the right sidebar...Walnuts or Garlic? I dig em' both!
  • Try not to post and run - check out another recipe and see what's cookin' elsewhere! You may just learn something!

Here is what I'll do in return besides hosting this fabulous bash of course...

Each week E and I will pick a recipe (maybe a few) to try out for our weekend feasting. If we likey - we will feature your recipe and blog the following Friday. If we don't likey...well, we won't mention you at all. We all know the golden rule - if you don't have anything nice to say then shut up!

Let the mouth watering, drool inducing, stomach grumbling fun BEGIN!! I'm Hungry...


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