Apr 8, 2011

Foodie Friday #3 - Show us What Ya' Got!!

Hey Ya'll!

I have been super busy this week with spring cleaning and over all de-cluttering.  I even bought a BIG something in AS IS as well as some little somethings to partially finish the buffet!!  I can't wait to share it all with you but you'll have to wait for next week because it is Friday and ya'll know that Friday is all about FOOD so let's get started!!

This week I had a chance to make a couple of dishes from Week #1 that I hadn't had time to make last week...  Here they are in no particular order...

Thai Chicken Soup

I have to preface this by saying I am not a huge fan of curry.  I just never quite took to it.  This recipe whipped my taste buds around so fast I am now begging for more!  Of course, I omitted the Chicken and used vegetable stock, but other than that the recipe was true to form...this stuff will blow your socks off!  E is already asking for more...he was actually asking for more as he slurped the last bits from his bowl...  Thanks to Diapers and Divas to introducing me to my first curry loving good time!!

Peanuttiest Blondies

Thanks to Everyday Insanity (don't ya just love that blog name?) and her Peanuttiest Blondies.  These things are to die for!!  They are so good that Cindy uses the picture as her blog header...you gotta love a lady with good taste!  E and I whipped up a batch last night and I forced him to take half to work this morning so I wouldn't be tempted to eat the whole pan!!  If this is last thing you bake you would be a happy happy person!

and this weeks...

Blender Bread

I have to give props to We Are the Joneses and their Blender Bread - this was soooo simple!!  Of course, I tweaked the recipe a bit to use wheat flour and flax eggs but they turned out amazing!!  They were SO good I am volunteering to bring the dinner rolls to Easter dinner!

All of the recipes looked DELICIOUS but here are a few of the standouts for this week.  We didn't have time to make 'em all but we certainly plan to in the future!!

Grapefruit + Lime Margarita

Everything Reconsidered and this super delicious Grapefruit + Lime Margarita!  I am planning to make this for a future ladies get together...I know it is bound to be a HUGE HIT!!  Of course, it will be a even HUGER (that is a word...) HIT when we are on pitcher numero duo...

Tangy Bean Soup

Holy Cannoli and this Tangy Bean Soup!  Friday E came home and declared we MUST make this soup...of course, I had already made dinner to last us for days but we will indeed be making it soon!  Now...where is the pickle relish??

Easy Peasy Pizza Pockets

Tales of a Trophy Wife and these Easy Peasy Pizza Pockets!  OK - I am thinking game night appetizer or perhaps a play date with your kids 5 friends!  So easy and inexpensive...perfect for an impromptu gathering which we have plenty of!

Blueberry Lemon Cinnamon Rolls

A Mom Not A Professional...OK - in my opinion, these are some pretty freakin' professional looking cinnamon rolls - Blueberry Lemon Cinnamon Rolls to be exact!  There is nothing better than combining flavors you might not normally put together and ending up with a surprise like this.

Congratulations Ladies!!  Be sure to pick up your Featured button in the left sidebar!!  :)

So that's it for this week!!  If you posted last week or even the week before be sure to check back next week as I tend to always be a few weeks behind  in my features!!


There are no rules to this linky party except...duh duh duh done...

* It would be super nice if you want to Follow me...while you're at it, leave a comment if you so desire!  These certainly are not mandatory - I am happy to have you here either way!  

*Your link MUST be a food related item, duh!  It can be a recipe, a specific dish you are craving, a new foodie product you just found, a specific restaurants specific dish...it can be a picnic you had - I really don't care!  Just make me want to eat it!

* Add my button or a clickable link to your post or side bar so others can join in - they are located on the bottom of the right sidebar...Walnuts or Garlic?  I dig em' both!

*Try not to post and run - check out another recipe and see what's cookin' elsewhere!  You may just learn something!

Here is what I'll do in return besides hosting this fabulous bash of course...

Each week E and I will pick a recipe (maybe a few) to try out for our weekend feasting.  If we likey - we will feature your recipe and blog the following Friday.  If we don't likey...well, we won't mention you at all.  We all know the golden rule - if you don't have anything nice to say then shut up!

Let the mouth watering, drool inducing, stomach grumbling fun BEGIN!!  I'm Hungry...
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