Apr 7, 2011

Buffet Action... yup, it's a repost!

I posted this last week but had to remove it pretty quick do to technical problems - so here is the encore performance!

This weekend has been a blur starting with my Sunday trip to Ikea, a baby shower, dinner at grandmas, and a 3 day trip to Maine. I have been busy!! I'll let ya'll in on my trip to Maine tomorrow (Don't forget the Foodie Friday linky party!!) but for now I must shine the spotlight on my As Is purchase of the week!!

When we remodeled the kitchen (more on that here and here), our original plan was to include a buffet against the wall that leads you in and out of the kitchen...better said in pictures - see the red arrows?

It was to look something like this:

Actually - it was to look exactly like this with narrower base cabs... Of course, once we started construction things changed and we reconsidered. First, the electrician put a long 5 switch panel right about where the upper cabinets would have ended making for an awkward time trying to turn something on and secondly, we thought it might look a bit too cluttered. For the time being we put that big ole' Ikea Billy bookcase in the spot as a stand in pantry while we thought things over.

This weekend while perusing the As Is section I found the 2 bottom cabinets I would have needed had we gone through with the buffet. Of course, I couldn't pass them up...they were sitting there all alone and naked with no door fronts to keep them warm. I got the go ahead from E and brought those 2 - 30x30 Akurum wall cabinets home for $16 a piece. Oh - and in case you are wondering "why wall cabinets?" it is because Ikea only makes 2 depths and the 24 inch base cabinet is too deep for our walkway but the 13 (including door) works splendidly...that is exactly how deep Billy was so we are pretty used to that space ratio now! Thanks to the brilliant hacking skills I used with my office project (check it out here) - I have mastered the technique of substituting Akurum base cabs with wall cabs.

Don't mind the mess - this was taken right before I left for Maine! I was in total rush mode! :)
See the big light switch? Ooops. Anyway - our plan is to install legs for the bottoms and then stabilize the cabinets to the wall. We are still debating the counter top but I am about 95% sure we will use a 14 inch deep butcher block and we have also decided to nix the idea of upper cabinets so the walkway flows better and doesn't overwhelm the space. Maybe a long mirror for above or perhaps some photos?

Last Sunday I removed Ole' Billy and transferred him to his temporary new quarters in the guest room (Have you seen the latest transformation? Look here!). I am actively searching Ikea (as is my wing-man) for the proper Lidingo doors as well as the butcher block. With Ikea's big kitchen sale going on right now I am sure to have everything I need by the end of next month...yes, it will take time but it will also be CHEAP! This is the official beginning of The Ikea Buffet As Is Challenge!! :)

This area is going to make the perfect drink station for parties and get together's all while keeping people out of the main cooking zone of the kitchen. This is just a sneak peak but I can not wait to show off the end result!! :)

Are you guys working on something splendid? Want to share? Feel free to leave a comment and/or link to what you have been working on!

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