Apr 11, 2011

And the WINNER is.....

Oh, yes, it is that time!!  Time to declare a winner to my first ever GIVEAWAY!!!  But first a special announcement from your sponsor...ME!

Did ya'll watch the Oscar's this year?  Remember when Kirk Douglas was announcing the winner of Best Supporting Actress?  If you don't remember or didn't watch make sure to click below... Not only did he completely upstage the hosts of the show but he added much needed comic relief to the entire program...

So...those of you who just watched that super clip will know exactly what I mean when I tell you I am about to pull a "Kirk Douglas" on you!  I will indeed announce the winner today but FIRST I have a few other topics I must discuss!!

The past couple weeks have been big for me....HUGE!  I have been on featured 4 different blogs for 3 different posts!!  I wanted to make sure to mention the fabulous ladies and their blogs so you can hop on over and share the love!!

New Nostalgia

Amy at New Nostalgia featured my cheap-o Notes Zone from her Anti-Procrastination linky party...If you haven't been checking out her blog it is a big MUST DO!!  She is an amazing Power Woman!!

The ladies at At The Picket Fence were quite taken with my $1 Pendant Makeover that I posted on Inspiration Friday!!  It seems they weren't the only ones...At Home With K was also diggin' my frugal find at her Terrific Under Ten Linky Party!

And last but certainly not least...Sandy at Organize with Sandy featured my Office Makeover which also featured the cutest little foster puppy that we ever did see and that miss dearly...Driver.

So a very special thanks and lots of smooches to the ladies for featuring me and my frugal ways...I can't help but love being cheap!  Especially when it comes with accolades like this!!

ANNNNDDDD - another thing...  My new bloggy friend, Ange, has just relaunched her gussied up and revamped blog.  The Blooming Hydrangea (formerly Love From My Kitchen) is a sweet new spot to check out Ange's latest creations such as her new "Cloffice". a rockin' kitchen makeover, and recipes galore for all my Foodie Friends!!  Please be sure to pop in and welcome her back...make sure to leave a comment so she knows you were there!  :)  

ANNNDDDDD - One more thing!  I would like to thank, once again, my first 100 followers that made this GIVEAWAY possible as well as the 70+ who have jumped on the bandwagon since!!   I love to have ya'll here and I will do my best to keep up the thrifty work so you keep on coming back to visit.  Oh - and by the way - once I hit 200 followers I will be giving away an additional DWELL magazine subscription so please stay tuned for that!!!  :) 

NOW ON WITH THE SHOW...which, let's be honest, is why you are really here...


Cheri from It's So Very Cheri!!  
Please email me your address so I can ship this out to ya pronto!!

Thank you so much, everyone, for participating.  again, stay tuned for my next giveaway and don't forget to pop in tomorrow and the rest of the week.  I have made BIG progress in my As Is Buffet and I have a cleaning tip that I felt MUST be shared...You will be disgusted by what I found lurking in my kitchen!!!!

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