Mar 29, 2011

Guest Nest Officially Fluffed

Welcome back for a run down on all things trashy in my house.  One thing about blogging is you give people a real insiders look at the mess you have made of your home and your hopeful plans of what to do about it. Case in point:

...and, last but not least, the never before seen picture of our Guest Room:

In all fairness to me, when this picture was taken I had just emptied, and then moved, a wardrobe downstairs to the laundry room which makes up for about half the stuff you see on the floor...the other half is a mass made up of mystery items a few of which I delightfully solved yesterday.  Oh - and FYI - this wasn't even the worst of it... When remodeling my office (check out it's most recent progress here) we had to do some cutting of the counter top (also seen here) which would make mass amounts of saw dust so I moved my old desk and a dresser into the guest room too...that is one mess I didn't feel the need to share!

The array of junk we have in our house is comprised of half finished projects, tools, random nails and screws, and an occasional lost sock that somehow got swept up in the madness.  This junk travels like a gypsy pack moving from room to room but never quite settling into a home.  The funny thing is, there are useful tools in this mass and things I use quite often but I know whichever room the junk is in I will find exactly what I need...after sifting through a bunch of things I don't need, of course.  My fear is if I actually separate something from the pack and give it a home I won't know where it is without its 100 counterpart friends.  Oh the travesty.  

Back to the current state of business.  This room is usually a closed door...from the above state of things it is quite obvious as to why but the original purpose made even more sense in our cheap-o minds.  Vents closed (so we don't waste $$ heating a room we aren't using!), door closed (so the cold room air doesn't come out to our inconveniently located thermostat on the wall right across from said cold room), blinds closed (so the neighbors don't have to be witness to our madness)...basically it is as if the room doesn't even exist which is precisely it made it so easy for us to use it as a junk room!  Yesterday I got my butt in gear and transformed the overall space.  Here is the result of yesterdays Guest Room Clean Up Out:

This makeover (er...make under?) took $0 and about an hour to complete.  My intention is to eventually gussy the room up a bit, you know, paint the furniture, add window treatments, perhaps a rug and some wall decor?  Though I am not a big fan of all the Ikea matchy matchy "antique" brown - in this case it was not only free but also crowding up parts of the rest of the house so for now it will work splendidly.  Oh - and for those of you wondering, yes, the gypsy pack of crap has moved to yet another corner but I am happy to say it has reduced in size quite drastically.  In fact, I found a list of items I have been searching for and will now vow to put in a proper place from here on out:

From Top to Bottom here is the breakdown:
  • Tape - Both duct and electric which we have been searching for for a while
  • Headlamp for my evening projects which I wear often as the overhead lighting in this house is close to nonexistent
  • My black cat eye mask for when I room the streets at night looking for trash I can turn into treasures
  • Alarm clock - we used this in our bedroom until we upgraded to my Homedics sound machine version...I need white noise to sleep...I just DO!
  • Holiday CD Box set still in the wrapper...can you say Winter Giveaway?
  • Sand from our honeymoon in Jamaica - I wonder if I take the lid off if it will smell like sunscreen and salt water or perhaps just must and dead fish...
  • Flashlight that could seriously injure an intruder provided I had the strength and aim to hit my target
  • Lone lost as he was there are many more like him floating about - please say a special prayer he shall be reunited with his screwdriver friends soon
  • Hooks - not one but 6 from all different locations finally reunited as a family...if only the above mentioned could be so lucky...
  • The fourth member of my furniture slider kind of doesn't work as good with only the 3 - even more proof that Ringo was a necessary part of the Beatles!
  • Bubba's bone...I wonder if she buried it in here to unearth later?
  • The battery charger for the camera that was stolen from me in Bosnia...shame on you thief's!
  • Mr. Peregrino - my only souvenir from my time as a pilgrim on the Camino de Compostela in Spain
  • Doorknob...somewhere in this house is a door without a knob... oh, and probably a doorway without a door. 
Not pictured here but in the second room pic:
  • My Old Fish tank soon to be terrarium (somehow that was under all the closet stuff and managed not to break...a sheer miracle I tell ya!
So there you have it.  I have publicly vowed to keep these items in their proper places (where exactly does one store a cat eye face mask?) and not let them return to the pack.  I understand that to do so would be neglect and I could not bare the stigma of the scarlet letter of lazy...

Did you guys get a chance to do some Spring Cleaning?  Find anything you'd been missing or didn't know you were missing until you found it?  Feel free to leave a comment with your list of goods!  It looks like I have a major garage sale coming up!

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