Mar 6, 2011

"Goods" Time Weekend

This week was a big yahoo for gettin' me some goods!  Lots of cheap and FREE goods!!  Here is my weekend rundown...

Last Saturday morning, super early morning, I was presented with a fabulous gift from Craig and his list ...the chance at 2 brass lamps and 2 picture frames (only one of which I liked) in the FREE section and better yet - all by the same owner!  One stop shopping!!  I immediately emailed hoping to hear back right away...I didn't.  It was many hours later during my perusing of the Ikea As Is section that I finally got the email.  The lamps and frames were mine if I wanted!  After a few emails back and forth I was granted a Craigslist MIRACLE!!!  The lady would hold them for me until the next day - almost unheard of in Craig's Land.

After Ikea I headed over to Marshall's to check out some accessories and maybe bedding for the office.  No dice on the bedding but a heck yeah for the accessories.  I found a bunch of things I could use and some I really really liked but, in true me fashion, I gathered them all up and then put them all back...sometimes I just can't quite commit!  One thing I did commit to was a bell.  That's right, a bell.  Not just any old bell - a ship bell.  I have no idea what drew me to this bell or why I have the sudden yearning to play ship mate but I know that it was the one thing I could not put down...even at $14.99 - such a splurge for me!  Here it is in all its glory:

Walmart helped me a bit in the bedding department with this giant body pillow for 10 bucks.  The polka dots ain't really my thing - I feel a slip cover coming on!

Of course, with all this going on last Sunday was a complete blur.  I woke at 5am to get the house in order for the Oscars Showdown party and be able to make it for my CL pick up by noon..  I cleaned and cleaned and then took a break from cleaning to begin cooking.  Spanikopita, carrot cake and a cream cheese dip were all cranked out in no time.  E woke around 9am to help me finish cleaning.  By 10:30 am I was ready for a nap but E was ready to break out the circular saw for my office counter top - check that project out here.  It took me all of 5 minutes to decide he was right...damn him and his sudden blast of DIY energy.  We grabbed the counter top from the car and struggled our way to the living room for the big cut down.  By 11:15 we were done and cleaning...again.  I ran out the door at 11:30 to pick up my new set of lamps and picture frame...feast your eyes on these bad boys:

FREE!!!  FREEE!!!  FREEEE!!!  They may be brass but they are in perfect condition and screaming for some spray paint!!  The frame could use a coat or 2 as smells a bit smokey and musty...   I am so excited!  I actually checked out some lamps today at Target and the same shape and size were around $30...granted they had shades but I plan to find some shades soon that are more to my liking then the ones that came with these.  They were dark blue, dusty, and really stinky.  I tossed those out immediately - smell ya later old shades!

Yesterday I found some great pillows at Ikea ranging in price from $1-$5 in the As Is section.  SCORE!!!  Who doesn't need a few extra throw pillows...14 in my case!  This is just what the doctor ordered for my otherwise bare daybed...

What did you guys find this weekend?  Any good freebies or cheap-o stuff you'd like to share?  Feel free to leave a comment or link below!!

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