Mar 9, 2011

Cheap-o Draft Fix!

When we first moved into our house I decided to rip off the ugly metal storm door that, to me, looked like the equivalent of braces on our little brick ranch.  Forget the braces, dude - this is 2011!  I wanted veneers for my baby.  The only thing is I didn't quite realize how long it would be until I got around to replacing the storm door.  Oh, and E was not happy. 

I had to come up with a cheap solution to make up for my hindsight I shouldn't have taken off the door without having a replacement ready.  Oops...  It was soon summer and we were going through construction.  Then came fall and the temperatures started to drop.  Still no storm door.  Ugghhhh...

Then I stumbled across these bad boys:

Thermwell DS2 3-Feet Draft Stop Cloth Seal, Beige

Thermwell Draft Stopper!  To be honest, they are no good on their own.  You can butt them up to the door and keep a draft out...but what about when you leave through that same door?  Unless someone is there to put it back from the inside then the draft is still getting in your house...bad for energy costs whether it is heat or AC weather!  Be GREEN, peeps!

My super simple fix was my trusty staple gun - the Arrow Fastener 5650 Easy Shot Stapler which you can also see in action with my sweet little chair here!  See where I am going with this??  I took to my draft door and stapled the draft stopper directly to the door.  Simple, right?  It worked like a charm.  Now when we open and close the door the draft stopper stays right where it should - on the door!  If I ever have to remove it I just pull out the staples and have a few tiny little holes to patch up.  Side Note - Please ignore the yet to be painted door and the yet to be replaced rug!

Here is the door all gussied up with my new draft stopper...

Was it a permanent fix, not really, but it was a cheap-o fix until we get the new storm door (update - since I wrote this we got the new storm can see a peek of it in the after picture!).  In fact, even though we still have a storm door on the back entrance I installed one of these bad boys anyway!  It's icy cold outside -why not keep in some heat?  Booyah!  To take things a bit further I would suggest making a pretty cover or something for it...brown felt is not exactly jaw droppingly gorgeous but for now it works for us.  

What super simple cheap-o fixes have you come up with?  Feel free to leave a comment and even a link to your blog post so we can all share in your frugalicious fix! 

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