Feb 18, 2011

Weekend To Do's and Such

Hey all -

My go to computer is under some kind of virus attack...I hope it isn't the flu!  E will fix it once he is home but in the meantime I have no access to my project pics from this week.  Instead I am leaving you with my list of "To Do's" for the weekend (fun, I know) and also a big hardy smile that our spring like weather has given me.

This is what I hope to have accomplished by Tuesday...insert a big HOORAY for a holiday weekend which will give me an extra day to work!
  • Sand, prime, and paint 2 more doors of the wretched 7 doored hallway which you can read more on here and here.
  • Sand, prime, and spray paint the hardware for above doors - also more on that here.
  • Clean all poop in the backyard from the big winter freeze...For your sake I will skip the pictures on that oneEdit - I got a head start on the weekend and collected all poop!  One thing off my list! :)
  • Clear out guest bedroom which has become a gruesome catch all similar to our basement (seen here).
  • Sand and paint my latest Craigslist find - a vintage coffee table in need of some lovin'.  
  • Take Bubba on a much deserved long long walk...oh, and E but only if he is good!  
I think that is about it...oh, and I hope I gather some time to test out a new recipe I have been busy perfecting!  Strawberry bars!  Yummy!!

What are you going to be up to this weekend?  Drop me a line in the comments section (It moved and is now above under the post tile) and let me know what your big or little plans are!  If you live in the area you best be out and enjoying this weather as, I am sorry to say, it won't last! 

See you next week!

Cute smiley face pic courtesy of EconomistMom.
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