Feb 1, 2011

TOTD - How to Remove Primer from Leather Shoes

First ask yourself why you used spray primer outside in windy winter weather wearing your leather work shoes.  Then proceed to the tutorial portion of this post...

As many of you know we live in Chicago where the winters are harsh and there is little to no sun for months at a time.  This can make even the most sane of people go crazy but, in my case, it made an already crazy person go insane.  Mix that insanity with my desperate need to accomplish some DIY and the fact that I have no place to do projects in the winter and you get this:

My poor old Danskos with paint splatter everywhere!!!  OK - so they aren't the prettiest of shoes to begin with but they are comfy, have good support, slip on and off when going through airport security, and do wonders for you when pacing a steel tube for multiple hours a day at 35k ft in the air...did I mention I am a Flight Attendant?  These babies are Flight Attendant tested!

Now - this wouldn't be such a big deal for some people as they could easily go out and buy/replace said shoes with  new ones.  I, on the other hand , have 2 very restricting issues with that:
  1. The obvious - I AM CHEAP!!
  2. The not so obvious unless you know me - I no longer buy leather.  Don't worry - I am not going to get all preach-a-licious on you!  It is just a personal choice that I am doing my best to stick with.  Since I do not buy leather I make sure to do what I can to repair the leather items I still own.  I ♥ my Calvin Klein brown belt, my Steve Madden cowboy boots (see profile pic), and my Dansko work shoes. 
 This primer has been on there for quite some time.  I probably would never have decided to fix them up if it weren't for the fact that I have a trip I need to fly coming up and had no other shoes to replace them with.  Did I mention they are super cozy and broken in?

I decided to go the unconventional route of trial and error.  After trying to scrap the paint off with my nail, which works so easily on my wood floors but not so great on leather, I considered another option.  Nail Polish remover... Here I am preparing for take - off:

One down one to go:

And in for a smooth landing...

Not too shabby...actually - still shabby but minus most of the paint!  With help from some Vaseline (a little Flight Attendant trick I learned on the road) these babies will shine up quite nice.  Also - with a view from 35 thousand 5 ft up you can barely tell how they started out:

Lovin' these uniform pants!

Mission accomplished.  Oh - and I promise never to use airplane puns again...ever.  So annoying!  I suggest doing a little test spot before applying this to your everyday uses.  I am careless and tend not to do that which, if it hadn't worked, may have resulted in a costly error.  For now the worse thing about this little project is that my shoes reek of nail polish remover.  I am off to give them a little scrub down with soapy water then a quick rub of Vaseline.  These Dansko's will be rocking the runway shortly!

Anyone else have a good tip to share?  Post it in the comment section below and if you're bloggin' feel free to leave a link!

♥ Bianca
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