Feb 11, 2011

Time to Vent...

OK - not a ranting raging vent but to cover up the holes where our returns once were!  Since we survived Cleaning of the Vents 2011 (Check it out here but only if you are not squeamish or eating!) I never quite got around to putting the covers back on.  When I sanded and primed the old doors I took a little time to mask the problem by putting cardboard over the intakes (check it out here) but according to E that was not supposed to be a permanent solution...he is so picky about these things! :)

MY problem was 2 things - in my hastiness to get rid of the old disgusting vents I threw some out without getting replacements first.  This is not the first time I have done this whole being hasty thing and, as usual, it came back to bite me in the butt.  Once I got the new covers I realized they didn't fit.  Wah wah.  I got some more and those didn't fit either.  Oh bollocks.  Luckily for me I had saved 3 of the least disgusting vents but the other 3 were in scrapper paradise.  I knew immediately that I would have to cut the baseboards to get the new vents to fit but was unsure exactly what tool I should use.  And then I met him...

 The Dremel 6300-05 120-Volt Multi-Max Oscillating kit with a compass in the stock and this thing which tells time.  You know I am excited if I have to start quoting A Christmas Story.  Anywho - I snatched it up at Lowe's on sale (and with a free cutter drill bit through 2/21!) and got home to start my project.  

Now, many of you know I am careless and anxious and never read or follow directions.  All those reasons are why the next photos will show the cutting blade on backwards but for all intent purposes of this project it worked just fine and nobody was injured in the process.  That being said, if you choose to operate any power tool or heavy machinery do so first by reading the manual.  So here is my step by step guide to trimming down the baseboard and fitting those new vents in perfectly.  

1.  READ THE MANUAL!  This step would seriously help if you are a first timer with my new BFF, Dremel, however - if you guys have already hung out a few times, feel free to skip the getting to know you phase and jump right in!

2. Place the new cover over the vent so it is fit in the opening on one side and hanging over the opening on the other - ↑ picture is snug -  ↓ picture is hanging over.

3.  Mark a line on the baseboard where you need to cut inorder for vent cover to fit.

4.  Put on your safety glasses.  This is another thing I didnt do on my first go around but then I got smart and made sure to sport em' for the next go around.  It is important not only for the wood dust but also you may possibly hit some nail heads or nick the vent and nobody likes metal splinters in the eye.

5.  Assemble your Dremel with the 1 1/4 Wood flush cut blade....oh, and remember to put it on the correct way and tighten the bit really good. 

    6.  Looking good!  Now go to town.  Since this is not a reciprocal blade you have to work your way down making straight cuts down the line.  Start at the top or bottom and go straight into your line then come out and move up and do it again all the way to the top.  If you are a newbie, like me, there is no need to cut all the way through!  If there is drywall behind your baseboard you don't want to cut that as well.  Just go slow and you can chip it out to see how much is left behind for the next try.

    7.  Now wedge something in there and pop out the section you have cut.  I used my painter tool again ( I have no idea the technical term for this tool  but I use it A LOT - see here and here).  


    8.  You may see there is some leftover wood back there if so, you can go at it once again.  If you leave some of the baseboard and don't get flush to the wall your vent cover will not fit properly and will lay crooked. 

    9.  Sorry for the dark pic but, really, who cares because it is flush!  Give yourself a pat on the back, put your vent cover on, and call it a day...you can get to the rest of them tomorrow!  

    Anyone else got some vents to cover or a Dremel worthy project to share??  Feel free to leave a comment down below - I would love to hear what you are up to!


    As always - I do not get paid from any companies to endorse their products.  These are just items that have worked for me and I am happy to share with you!  If I do ever get a freebie or kick down for endorsing a product you will be the first to know - You know I love all things free! 
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