Feb 4, 2011

This Beast is a Bust...

Turns out being squeamish about the Beasts insides yesterday was due to a touch of the flu and not necessarily the upholstering process.  That being said, her insides would make anyone sick - flu or no flu.  Thanks to Carrie from Dittle Dattle and her "fooled ya" comment on yesterdays post I felt the need to continue dismantling the Beast.  Today I set out to conquer her.  I figured the least I could do was take her ugly worn sheath off and let her sit naked for awhile until I find the time (and space) to sand and paint the frame.  I am thinking something soft and neutral but haven't decided between a white/beige or a bluish/gray...hmmm...

I took lots of pictures of this process as she is a bit more complicated than I thought at first site...aren't we all, ladies?  I left you yesterday with the back panel torn off as well as the underside which left her looking like this:

And here is the start of a new day - Undressing her sides:

There are A LOT of staples and, naturally, I do not have a tool to remove these.  I am using my painters thingy to get in there and try to wiggle some out but overall it is much faster and easier to just slowly rip the fabric out.  I wanted to make sure I didn't ruin the pattern as I would be needing this later so nice and slow I went...Nice and slow...Nice and slow...  It is very hard for me to do anything slow so I had to keep repeating it.  Repeat on the other side and move on to the front!

As I said in yesterdays post (check it out here) reupholstering is not for the weak.  As you can see from a couple of the pics I am bleeding from places those nasty staples bit me.  Not to mention the disgusting fibrous batting they have stuffed all up inside this thing...

After I got the front off and folded her back I came across a bit of problem.  The seat bottom is stapled to the frame on top but is also stapled underneath.  Here is a close up of the dilemma:

I decided to just start pulling it up until I got stuck again.  Here is the crossroads - the part where the fabric is stapled from underneath inside the chair...

And here is the underneath of the chair - Burlap and all:

Again - I do not have proper tools to take these springs off.  If anyone has every broke a spring on a chair, couch, sofabed - whatever - you know they are near impossible to stretch enough to get it back on.  In this case, there is no way I can stretch it enough to get them off.  This is serious stuff, people!  Not for your average first time DIY upholsterer such as myself.  I said I set out to conquer her but I did not say I actually did it!  The Beast has been temporarily put on hold until I can figure out the next step, go back to the drawing board, and figure it out.  Google, DIY blogs, and an actual professional upholsterer if I must.

Here is how she looks now - a bit defeated but not nearly as defeated as I feel!

Don't worry, Beast - you too will have your day to shine!

Oh - and while I was searching the Beasts crevices for an answer to this madness I came across this:

This baby was swallowed by the beast around 10 years ago - She just now coughed it up!!  The last time stamps were sold at 34¢was July of 2001!  I was sooooo hoping to find a treasure within - instead all I got was trash.  Better luck next time!

Anyone else got a "Beast" of a project?  Got a hint for me on the rest of this one?  Feel free to drop me a comment or email!

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