Feb 22, 2011

Shhhh....I'm trying to be Creative!

There is something going on over here and I can not wait to show you!  This will be a bit of a teaser post so I apologize in advance.  Here is a sneak peak of the outcome from our Ikea trip yesterday...

Though I will resist the urge to tell you directly what is going on you can be assured I am mucho exciteedo (that is E's way of speaking Spanish - he adds an O to the end of any word...charming, right?).  This all started with my post yesterday and my dream office shown here:

Seriously, can you guess it?  I really hate to give away my surprise...Oh, geeze, who am I foolin'!  I can't keep this a secret!!  It is too exciting for me!!


Phewww - I am glad I got that out!  After reading yesterdays post (Big brownie points to my husband!) E insisted that we head to Ikea and buy exactly what I wanted.  This is a hard one for me as I like to reuse things we have in the house or create what we need from scratch but when it comes down to it me getting what I wanted and getting it soon done pulled rank here.  I have been circling this office project for a long time now and I think he was done seeing me at odds with it...sometimes we need the encouragement to spend!  

My dream office is from a Martha Stewart article seen here and circulated throughout Blog Land.  Take some time to check out her whole post as it is fab - I am loving the entire house and design but this office is sooo within reach of what I can do!!  Obviously my office will be a bit different here and there but the overall design will be the same.  It turns out no matter how much I love my current desk it just doesn't have all that I need I require for an office space.  My plan is to incorporate my current desk (after a quick zip of the circular saw) on one end and a new door table top for the long side but who knows if that will change between now and completion!  Oh, and the shelf thing from this weekend (seen here)...though I love the fabric shelf, this just isn't what I had in mind for my space. 

I hope to be able to reveal parts of this transformation as I go along.  I am also hoping to have this baby finished by Sunday when we host our First Annual Oscars Showdown.  NO PRESSURE!!!

Please stay tuned for updates and progress shots...

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