Feb 14, 2011

Monday Makeover & School House Beach

Hey all -

I was busy learning how to re size photos this weekend in order to come up with my new blog background. For those of you who have never re sized it can be quite a frustrating process to teach yourself. After a long swearing rant and rage I went to my genius hubby and learned in minutes flat...go figure! Sometimes it pays to ask for help...well, in this case, sometimes it frees to ask for help! :)

I chose to use a photo I took a few years back in Door County on Washington Island. While driving the circumference of the island there is a little clearing off the side of the road which leads you to School House Beach. Follow the little road to the end and there you will find a beautiful little hideaway with smooth stones instead of sand. I know there are many such places but words can not describe the feeling that came with this place.  I wanted to take it home with me...just a little bit of it.

School House Beach

On vacation I am not the type to buy souvenirs from the places I go for many reasons but mostly because they are a big waste of moola...I doubt I will care in a few years that I have a T shirt or shot glass with a random city name. I do, however, tend to take natures souvenirs. Whether it be a rock or a walking stick...the best things in life are free and in these cases they really take me back to the moment of being there. That is so much more than I can say about a shot glass from Mardi Gras!

Back to the point - School House Beach is famous for its rocks.  So pretty and perfect and lovely and...alas my excited waned in a mere minute flat. As I bent down to pick a beauty of a stone (that was sure to lead to a collection) I turned to see a sign stating that under no circumstances are these stones to leave the area or you will risk fine and stoning punishment! Schucks...but...no one is around.  It was 30 degrees out and not prime swimming or picnicking weather.  I could, in theory, sneak a little pebble out and no one would be the wiser. I could put it in my shoe and walk right on out - pebbles get stuck in shoes ALL the time! Oh - we could eat our picnic on the rocks and accidentally snatch one up in the blanket while we were cleaning up...leave no trace, right?  Or, perhaps Bubba would take one in her mouth as a toy and we would get all the way back to the mainland after the ferry ride and notice it in the backseat all full of slobber. No one would expect us to buy a ferry ticket back just to replace it, right? So many ways I could hustle one out of there. No one was looking!!! Hmmmm....

My good morals took a hold of me and shook me out of my crazy, "There will be other smooth stones, Bianca. Stones you can take without judgment. Stones that will hold no bad juju once you get home. Stones so beautiful you will take one and be reminded of this place too." Yes, I was right...I WOULD find another beautiful stone another day. "Wave good bye to School House Beach." And so I did...

Though I did not get a stone, I did take a lot of pictures that day. Here is some shots of School House Beach and its beautiful stones.

It is hard to say whether it was the beach that made the day so lovely or just the idea of exploring somewhere new.  It is possible these were just ordinary stones on an ordinary day for some folks.  All I know is I left that beach with a kick in my step knowing I had been somewhere beautiful and left it intact just they way it has been for hundreds of years.

Anyone else have a beautiful place to share?  Some far off distant land that is hard to describe but the feeling you had being there still lingers?  Please feel free to share in the comments section below!!


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