Feb 23, 2011


My husband, E, is well schooled on logistics - it is his day job, after all.  For me, it doesn't come quite so easy.  Once I lay something out I need to go back and forth and change it up a million times before fully committing to a design - or having my self committed!  

This week I started off with a clear design of what I wanted to do to my office (see here)- I know you have all seen the beautiful pic but lets refresh the ole' memory.  Here is what I would like:

Martha Stewart Online

Here is what I have:

Ikea has come to the rescue on what I want to do but the design is all me...Here is my original scetch:

I started off with the idea of using the BESTA entertainment shelving and doors.  It was going to be $200 just for the bottom cabinets without doors...hmmmm...  Once we got to Ikea I decided I did not like the look of the white cabinets or doors they had available nor did I like the fact that they were 15inches deep (16 with doors) - this is a very small room and I was trying to fit some kind of sleeping element in the room as well as my office - more on that later.  I had already looked at BILLY but the height was all wrong.  With E lagging behind, I decided to change the whole concept and go with AKURUM kitchen cabinets (insert E eye rolling at my constant indecision). 

I bought the following cabinets:

2 - 30Wx39Hx12 5/8D cabinets for the uppers
1 - 24Wx39Hx12 5/8D Cabinet also for the upper (closest to the window)

2 - 30Wx24Hx12 5/8D Cabinets for the bottom
1 - 24Wx24Hx12 5/8D Cabinet for the bottom closest to the window.

The total cost for the top and bottoms plus hanging rail and one set of shelves for the 30 in cabs was around $230 plus they charged me for 5 extra hang rails at $6 a pop...I am coming back to you Ikea - beware!  Regardless of the overcharge this decision saved us mucho moola considering that BESTA would have been at $200 just for the bottoms!!!

Here comes the logistics...once I got the cabs home I still wasn't 100% happy with the thought of a 24 inch deep desk.  The desk portion will be whatever the width of the cabinet closest to the wall on the bottom OR half of the width of that cabinet if I get something wider, say, 30 in?  Still with me on that??  Here is the kicker...I use a laptop and just don't need the extra space behind it but due to a chronic shoulder issue (most likely due to constant laptop use) E is urging me to ditch the laptop and get a normal PC...have I mentioned he is a computer geek?  My husband is the type who likes to upgrade upgrade upgrade but never quite seems to clear out the things he upgraded from...case in point:

That being said, with a computer genius for a husband, E is more than willing AND able to build me a new PC.  I love my laptop but clearly it ain't loving me or my shoulder anymore...it hurts when the love ain't mutual.  I guess that is a decision I will have to make soon so this office can get done pronto...Ok - back to the project!!

I decided before making any rash decisions to construct only the 30 in cabs (top and bottom) and do a mock layout.  Really, that is the only way a flurried brain like me can get some calm...mock it out, baby!  Here is the layout with 3 - 30 in cabinets on the bottom and a 17 inch deep desk (15 inches from half the bottom cab + 2 inches from baseboards):

I have decided there is no way we could fit a bed or even a couch in this space...don't worry - I mocked that out for ya too!  The following pic is the tight space that would ensue if we put a couch or daybed in here on this tiny wall that is shared with 2 doors:

You would barely be able to get through the door!  At this point I ask you - who needs 2 entry doors for one room anyway - see the other door on the back side of the room?  Why don't we just cover up one of the doors?  It seems they really are the only thing keeping me from having the exact space I want... We are lazy, folks, and we enjoy walking through the office instead of through the kitchen AND living room to get to the bedroom wing of our house.  I tried - I really tried.  I even tried locking the door to the kitchen one day to see if we could manage.  Within an hour it was unlocked and a thoroughfare again. E's idea is to block the closet door by putting the daybed in front of it so we could fit everything.  MEN!  You never ever block a closet door!  Where will I put the dresses and heels that I never have occasion to wear?  Honestly...the nerve!!!

So here I am in a logistics nightmare.

1.  Go with the 30 inch base cab making a 17 in deep desk and forgo the PC (oh, by the way, I had E bring up the monitor for me so I could see if it would work with a 17 in desk...big no on that...it would have solved all my problems!)

2.  Go with the 24 inch desk and block even more of the walkway when entering the room from the kitchen?

3.  Keep the 24 in cab but make the desk portion less deep, maybe 20 in?) causing the shelving to my left to be asymmetrical...I am not sure I can live with that...

4.  Scratch the whole idea and curl up in fetal position in my office closet...did you see how deep that thing is??  This may be the best option yet!

Why, Ikea, why do you not make a 18 in or perhaps a 20 in wide cab that is also 24H and 12 5/8 deep??

Today decisions MUST be made.  Sacrifices will be had.  Logistic nightmares will be squashed.  Today I am a woman who will make up her mind and conquer...perhaps after lunch?


Anyone else having a problem with logistics?  Feel free to leave a comment on your problem above (right under the post title) - perhaps we can solve the wonders of the world (and Ikea) together!
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