Feb 8, 2011

Greenpeace = Happy Planet

Hey all - I am taking a break from posting today to work on my blog design but I didn't want to pop off without adding a To DO for you!  I am asking all of my readers today to look into the following Groupon to help Greenpeace end commercial whaling.  I am not one to preach and I try not to do so with a captive audience, however, this is something important to me and at a good price to you...FREE!! 

For the $15 you donate to Greenpeace (and the cause to help stop commercial whaling) via Groupon the fine folks at Groupon will then return your $15 via Groupon bucks to use on their site at a later date.  It's a win win!  You can go out into the world today knowing that you helped end commercial whaling while looking forward to a fabulous future Groupon!  If you would like to read more about the cause please go to Greenpeace directly by clicking here.  For those of you who saw the movie The Cove up for an Oscar last year you know how vigilant people are to these causes and how important it is to educate.  If you don't live near an ocean or have never been please watch the following in its entirety - audio not necessary but REALLY good:

I realize this is an aquarium and not the bottom of the sea but it definitely helps to visualize what it must be like down below.  A completely different world with different types of fish and mammals trying to live together just like us.  We should do our best to try to preserve what we have, on land and in the sea, and make for a better world all together.  The recent oil spills and pollution is bad enough without having to add to it commercial whaling and the the slaughter of these beautiful creatures.

I hope you all have a beautiful day and take a moment to really reflect on what this planet means to each of you.  Even if it is just a minute to go out of your way and recycle your paper or reuse your plastic utensils or better yet replace them with actual silverware to use everyday (E, I'm talking to you) - do what you can today and everyday to keep the planet we have intact for generations to come.  I don't have kids but when I do I hope they have green fields to run in, blue oceans to swim in, and a beautiful golden sun with warmth to bask in. 

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