Feb 3, 2011

Dismantling the Beast

After an impromptu neighbor gathering at our house yesterday I was forced to deal with two issues I have been putting off.  The first is that we clearly need more seating in the house ASAP.  That issue led to the next...

The Beast

When I went downstairs to grab the next round of beers I came up to find one of our neighbors slumped down in the Beast (more about the Beast here).  I had no chance to warn him of the possible creatures within or the likely chance he would soon smell like old Chinese food.  I mean, who puts a chair in a house when they have no intention of having it sat in.  In hind sight perhaps the Beast should have stayed in the garage for the winter or been taken directly downstairs when I brought her in...ahhh the powers of hindsight.  So here we were in the present (now past) and poor Phil was resting his weary-after-5-hour-shoveling bones in the Beast...sans cushion!  I quickly explained the sitch and he was out of there...wise man.  So issue 2 is the Beast.  Something had to be done.  It is time to give the beast a new do.

As I start this process I realize that I have no idea what I am doing but I hope it will all come together in time.  Here are a few pics of today's dismantling.  I am going very slow and taking pictures of every angle so I know exactly how to put it all back together later.  I found the piping end spot, popped out the nail, and continued to pull it out all the way around the chair:

Simple, right?  The next step was a bit more involved and not as clean.  I started with the back, which seemed logical based on the overall construction and layering of the fabric, and started popping out the staples that held the fabric to the wood.  At the time I couldn't quite grasp how they managed to staple 3 sides down from underneath but I quickly realized one side was a tack strip they must have hammered in from on top...I still may be wrong but however it was done most likely will not be repeated when I redo the whole thing!  I am a beginner for Pete's Beast's sake!

The amount of dust coming off this thing was amazing.  I have decided that reupholstering is not for the weak stomached.  There is some funky stuff going on in here...  The fabric was one thing but the lining inside which you can see in the pic above was a bit too growdy for me.

I ripped off the bottom and the backing and decided to call it a day.  I also threw out the old fabric which won't make it easy on me when I need it for the new pattern later.  Oh well - I'll figure it out when I get to it.

I believe taking this one in tiny steps may help me accomplish the job without either tossing my cookies (literally as that is what I had for breakfast) or tossing the Beast!  For now - there is no longer the chance of mistaking the Beast for a working chair. 

Tomorrow is another day...


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