Jan 14, 2011

Weekend To Do!!

In order to keep me on track I have decided to do a Friday post each week of what I hope to accomplish over the weekend.  I am keeping my fingers crossed that publicizing it will help to keep me motivated and on track.  I haven't, however, determined a good punishment if I happen to slack off...I am open to suggestions!!  Well, anything that doesn't include getting my mouth washed out with soap, spankings, or having to streak.

Seriously you didn't think I was going to put a video of me streaking in, did you??

So here is my TO DO for this weekend:
  • Finish priming/painting the 2 doors currently drying from their first coat of primer...yeah for a head start!
  • Sand and prime/spray paint the hardware for above doors
  • Prime/Paint fireplace!!  Can't wait for this! 

Ok - ready for second coat primer...See you monday!

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