Jan 17, 2011

Weekend of White - Fireplace Remix Part 2!

Hey all!  

This weekend was full of fun as I conquered my To Do list (seen here) from Friday and got the lead white out.  I managed to finish both doors for the hallway, update the hardware on said doors, as well as the fireplace priming.  Since I did the priming last night I needed to wait and make sure it was fully cured before moving on to paint.  Brick, even veneer brick, has a habit of soaking up paint due to its porous nature so I wanted to make sure it was nice and dry before proceeding.  Even with just primer it looks WAY better than what it was before...lets review!

Before Tuck Pointing
After Tuck Pointing

Things were looking up!  Then yesterday they were looking upper...more up...uppity?  Whateve...


Granted this is just the primer but she is lookin' MUCH better already.  I used an oil based primer and super nappy 6 inch roller.  I don't like to use large rollers on smaller areas so I have more control.  I also took this chance to prime the last bit of paneling that for some reason was missed during Operation Tear Out the Paneling NOW!  In all our haste to get it out ASAP nobody saw the strip of paneling left under the fireplace until the molding was going in.  Attention to detail during demo is not always the first priority!!  Anywho - it is primed now and you can barely tell the difference.  Now it is time to start thinking about a mantle to tie this baby all together...let the planning begin!!

In the living room - the weekend began like this:

And Ended like this:

SWEET!  I have 2 more doors done and 6 to go!  Not exactly putting a dent in it but success is in my future - I can feel it...then again, that may be the paint fumes?  How 'bout a before and after side by side?  I don't have a pic of the closet door before with the tacky brass hardware but I have a horrible one of the during process..check it out:

Obviously we need to work on organizing the closets...
Pretty in Pink White!

And thus ends my Weekend of White.  For more how to on painting the doors and updating your hardware check out the posts here and here.  If you missed how to Tuck Point your fireplace in preps for painting check out the post here

I am so happy to have half of the fireplace done!  Did anyone else get a project accomplished this weekend?  Feel free to share down below.  If anyone has mantle suggestions please pass them on.  This fireplace is looking pretty week without one!

See you tomorrow!  :)


PS - this post is on a DIY parade hosted by a couple of other blogs. If you have some projects you need to get done or are just looking for some decorating/design inspiration join the party here and here and here
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