Jan 25, 2011

Reader Poll - The Great Wall Of Walnut

 Since we moved in I have had a constant nemesis every time the doorbell rings...actually, our doorbell was cut off when we did the remodel so now Bubba acts as the doorbell as she barks anytime anyone or anything comes within 20 ft of our house.  Here are a few pictures of the Great Wall of Walnut in all its glory:

Every time someone comes over there is an weird shuffle thing you have to do at the front door to get people in, greet them, and hang their coats.  Not the most welcoming of entrances. I tried to get my friend, Claire, to illustrate the awkward entrance in a impromptu video but she declined due to stage fright.  You will have to rely on the photos above to get the picture...literally. 

I have spent many hours staring at the The Great Wall of Walnut - cursing the wall, knocking my knuckles up and down the wall looking for studs, and overall slowly being drove insane by my indecision of what to do with said wall.  E would like to keep it as it is - he says that way the cold air doesn't hit people sitting at the dining room table.  In theory that makes sense, however, we have yet to sit at the dining room table and even if we did I would like to see the front door for new arrivals to our fabulous dining room sit down dinner we have yet to have.  Also, it is very bad Feng Shui to not be able to see an entrance to a room and in case you are wondering I only use Feng Shui when it is convenient to my cause.  So - this is where ya'll come in!  I need your help!!

Here are a few of the things I have been thinking of doing:

Create a half wall like so:

Minus the soffit

Minus the wooden design thingy...

Create a sit down area within the closet ala this post from The Mistress of Oxford or Serene Seneca seen here:

Or perhaps a mixture of both?

I realize this looks a bit weird but try to use your imagination!

I took some liberties with the pic above and painted the door white as it will be in the near future! Here is a shot from the other side with the wall still up:

Wall up with Open Closet?
Wall down with Bench Nook?  Don't mind the area towards the ceiling!
I think the half wall with the Bench Nook would be the best option!  What do you guys think?  Please look at the top right of this post for the Reader Poll so you can weigh in!!  The poll will be open for the next 2 weeks so please feel free to vote as much and as often as you like!!  Also - if you can think of another option I haven't thought of feel free to leave a comment down below.  I will take all the advice I can get with this one because once the wall is down it isn't likely to go back up!

Thanks for all your help!
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