Jan 20, 2011

Quite the Beast...Hoping to be a Beauty

Hello all -

I am back from my Craigslist induced morning rush hour scramble with this beast:

She has good form and function, however, has been neglected for a long long time...she wont dare tell her story but I will reveal the conditions in which she came from...Poor Girl.

I responded to the FREE add on Craigslist last night.  You have to be quick if you are gonna nab yourself a Freebie from Craig.  I'm telling ya' - I once tried to score a coffee table that was posted a mere minute before my response and that sucker was already spoken for.  It was a sad day for me but I learned a very valuable lesson - DO NOT HESITATE!  Write the email and send it...think later.  As soon as they respond with a "yes, it is still available and all yours if you want it" you can always say never mind.  It is OK!  The only thing you should NEVER do is flake...if you say yes you commit to picking it up and/or buying it.  Period. 

Anyway - back to the Beast.  While stalking the Free section I came across this post and had to have her.  Yes she is a bit tattered but I see potential!  Nice caning on the arms and curvy shape.  She has these little flowers on her legs which I adore.  I emailed and had an almost immediate response.  We were on for 10am in the city - "the door next to the sewing machine shop".  Fabulous.  I always forward all correspondence with Craigslisters to E as a precautionary step...in the event someone turns out to be a psycho.  In this case, when I showed up at 10am and waited on the street a good 5 minutes for the door to open I was relieved to find a somewhat disheveled young Dude who looked nothing like a serial killer...just a little sleepy.

I followed Dude up to his place, with 911 already punched into my phone just in case, and found a similar disheveled look draped across his entire apartment...hmmm.  He wrestled the Beast out of the corner and offered to carry it down stairs as it is very heavy.  I thanked him nicely and offered to carry the cushion...helpful, I know.  That cushion actually weighed about 15lbs...probably 15lbs of dust mites and who knows what else.  5 minutes later it was in my car and I was driving home...with a Salvation Army stop along the way.  Perhaps my good luck would extend to finding me 4 dining room chairs today...negative.  I walked back to the car and opened the door and got my first good whiff of old Chinese take out that perfumes my Beast. 

Here is a look at Bubbas first whiff of the beast minus the chair cushion which I am leaving in the garage for the winter in hopes of freezing and killing off any living organisms that have taken up residence inside:

She doesn't seem to impressed...Bubba prefers Thai food over Chinese.

Either way, she is mine, all mine!  I have decided in order to properly fix her up I will have to wait for 50 degree weather.  I can not spray paint outside in this cold nor do I want to take her apart now to reupholster since I would have paint her first.  This will be my first upholstering project so keep your fingers crossed!  I figure the worst that can happen is I mess up, give up, or have to pay someone else to finish her.  I will cross that bridge when i come to it.   For now she will sit in the basement in another dark corner waiting for her big debut as the Beauty in this Craiglisting version of Beauty and The Beast.

Anyone else have some luck with Craigslist lately?  Feel free to post a comment below!!

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