Jan 10, 2011

Ugly Door Makeover!

Happy Monday!

It was a very busy weekend here on Walnut.  I had Mom's dog, Wrigley, here for the weekend so crazy playtime was a must for the pups - the good thing about that is crazy sleep time that follows...

In other news - after the second coat of primer and a coat of Semi Gloss No VOC things are finally coming along with the trim.  It is not exactly pure white just yet but it will be after ONE MORE coat!  I decided to take a break from trimming after a very painful session with my chiropractor who wisely suggested "Why don't you take a break from trimming?"  With trim put aside I am now on to the project you saw in the background here...yes, white doors, please!

For this project I had to break down and buy an orbital sander.  I recently sanded one door by hand for my office desk (more on that in a post to follow) and knew my shoulder wasn't up for the task of doing 8 more doors by hand so I bought this nifty little guy:

Overall, this one works good but I suggest if you plan to really invest in a sander for heavy use you may want something with a little more oomph.  For me, just starting out, this one proved sufficient.

Just one thing to think about before you start sanding...do you have an outdoor space to work in?  Even with the little vacuum and dust catcher this baby still lets out a bit of dust.  Since it is winter here in Chicago (will it ever end??) I do not have an outdoor space to work and decided, against E's wishes, to sand my door in the living room.  There are a few reasons why this would pose a problem for most normal folks some of which include the dust getting everywhere, dust getting everywhere, and dust getting everywhere.  Did I mention we just had out vents cleaned to get rid of dust??  I took that all into account and decided since I have never been referred to as normal that I would go right ahead and do it!  I taped off the entryways to the kitchen and our hallway with painters plastic, covered the vents with cardboard, strapped on my Michael Jackson mask (too soon?) and went to town. 

Take a peek at the nice almost-white trim!!

Bubba was not happy with the actual sanding process as it smelled like musty stale cigarettes...she gave me the evil eye and high tailed it out of there...

After I was done with both the front back and sides of the door I gave the whole thing a wipe with a damp paper towel.  Once that was dry I wiped it down with tack cloth to make extra sure it was dust free.  For those of you who don't know, tack cloth is simply a tacky feeling gauze cloth that will pick up dust particles better than anything else.  I then broke out my oil based primer.  Oil based primer is a bit more resilient and will hide any weird grease stains that will bleed through a water based primer - don't ask my why or how but this door had a few oily spots that sanding did not get rid of.

After 1 coat of primer and 2 coats of paint the door was ALMOST done.   Since I was feeling antsy and wanted to see the whole kit and kaboodle assembled I decided to hang it anyway.  I am waiting on the last coat of paint since I decided to add moldings (like this) to all of my doors which will then need to be freshly painted again.  Why bother now when I'll have to do it again??  Or am I just too lazy/anxious to wait another hour for this coat to dry...

Now - if we can all take a moment to pay homage to my favorite commercial of 2010 before showing the big reveal?  This is so worth the time to have a peek...

You could get with THIS or you could get with THAT
You could get with THIS or you could get with THAT

Need I say more??

Anyone else taking on this project?  Have any time saving tips to share?  Feel free to leave a comment in the section below!

Tomorrow I will give a tutorial on spray painting your hardware if you are too cheap, like me, to buy new ones!

UPDATE: You can see the door knob transformation by clicking here...Came out super good if I do say so myself.  6 months and still no chipping!!  :)

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