Jan 26, 2011

Looky What I Found!!

Another fabulous Craigslist find- Can you guess what it is???  I will give you a hint:

Whats White and Round and has Beautiful veins running through it?

Did you guess it?  I found my new table top!  When I posted about my Craigslist Freebie table (seen here) I was super exited about hunting down a nice marble top for me lady.  Yesterday I found it!  Originally listed as a coffee table at $60 I got the guy down to $50 and she was mine for the taking.  This baby is Italian marble with a nice bluish black vein running through her.  The original wood table is 43 inches and the marble is only 42 so it took a bit off the circumference but overall she looks great.  Just to get a feel for it I threw the marble, not really because it weighs a TON, on top of the wood top to take a peek at how she will look.  Here is how she stands now:

Despite her awkward inch-short-of-the-bottom-table-top look she still seems to be purring , "All right, Mr De Mille, I'm ready for my close-up."  Let us grant her that wish:

Thanks to Claire for getting up early to help me load this one up.  She, the table not Claire, weighs all of 100 lbs without the base that came with it.  It was quite the process trying to get it in and out of the car and then into the house and on the table but we suceeded and are all the more stronger for it!

That's it for now - if you didn't get a chance yesterday please check out the Reader Poll at the bottom of this page to weigh in on The Great Wall of Walnut!!!

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