Jan 19, 2011

Amazon $$$ Saver!!

Hey all - off the DIY focus today as I just came across something most of us could use!!  Living Social in  Chicago is running a promo for Amazon if you pay $10 you receive $20 worth of credit.  Feel free to check it out here if you are interested!!  The deal expires 20 hours from now so act fast!  Read the fine print at the bottom of that page to make sure this promo works for your needs.  I believe you can buy it in any city, not just Chicago but I am not positive!!  Like I said, read the fine details.  UPDATE:  This Promo is now expired.  Keep checking here for similar deals I may runs across - I am always happy to pass them on!

I know exactly what I am looking to spend my $20 on!!  Here is a few items to decorate with:

 Umbra Wallflower Wall Décor, Set of 25, White   Umbra Wallflutter Wall Décor, Set of 20   Umbra Birdie Wall Hook, Set of 3
 I bought both the flowers and Dragonflies for my office and guest room.  I saw the Birdies on a blog recently and love those too!!  Maybe for near the front or back door?  The beak is magnetic and your keys just stick to them!!  So cute!!

As for tools - I have been dying to get one of these to cut my baseboards to fit our new vent covers:

Factory-Reconditioned Dremel 6300-02L-RT 120-Volt Multi-Max Oscillating Kit

In terms of Kitchen ware I have been looking at these - nothing I need but for $10 off stuff I would love:

RSVP MB-202 Two-Tier Hanging Basket  KitchenAid K45DH Dough Hook Replacement for KSM90 and K45 Stand Mixer  Cuisinart Blade and Disc Holder

So what are you going to buy with your $10 off??  Drop me a line in the Comments section below!

Happy Shopping!!

I have not been paid to promote any of the following items, however, Living Social has a deal where if you buy the item of the day and 3 friends you have sent it to buy it as well then yours is free.  I already did that and mine is free so passing the word now is just a bonus to you guys!!  Buy yours and pass it on to 3 friends and yours to will be free!! 
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