Jan 3, 2011

2010 is sooo last year...

Welcome to 2011!  How BIG is your TO DO list this year?  Let's see what is on the docket for Walnut Avenue this year.  For the house, in no particular order:
  • Paint all 9 doors white...that will be a long daunting process...
  • Spray paint door handles in Rustoleum oil rubbed bronze...it is sooo time to lose the brass!
  • Waterproof basement in spring
  • Better insulate the crawlspace...it is FREEZING in the family room!!
  • Figure out a better heat source for family room...Can we do that today??
  • Paint front door...time to pick a color!
  • Trim bushes on side of yard so maybe they will grow back normal.  Otherwise those suckers are coming out next year!!!
  • Tuck point and paint the fireplace
  • Make a mantle for the fireplace
  • Paint the ceiling in the living room
  • Paint the ceiling in my office
  • Add shelves to the hallway closet
  • Add shelves to the OTHER hallway closet
  • Add shelves to my bedroom closet...we seriously are in need of shelves!
  • Get furniture for the living room!  I am already working on this via Craigslist but it will take a lot of time and extra side projects to get it done!
  • Finish painting all the trim...the damn trim.  I am starting to have nightmares...
  • Craft a custom bulletin board for over my desk
  • Make a shelf for over bulletin board not yet craft!
  • Add storage/craft space to office
  • Wood putty, prime and paint a REALLY badly chewed up West Elm daybed I bought off Craigslist - I am just waiting for weather I can open the windows in.  That wood putty is seriously toxic smelling.
Ok - I just realized there are so many things we have to do that I am going to stop this years list there and get cracking on them.  However, just a few more items in the event we have a sudden downfall of cash! Otherwise they will have to wait till 2012...
  • New windows so we can eliminate the plastic "insulation" and seel and peal next year.  PLEASE!!
  • Gut and rehab bathroom...oh, a girl can dream...Did I mention we would include a laundry shoot??!

I figure the best way to go about this list is to do the items I am dreading the most first (and the ones I can afford) so the rest is a cake walk.  For now I am gearing up to tackle the trim...most dreaded project of the new year...  Anyone else have a dreaded project they have been putting off?  Feel free to share in the comments portion!!

I'll keep you posted on my progress as time goes on.   


The TO DO image came form an awesome website named weburbanist.com I stumbled upon which can be seen here.  Check out what they did with peoples To Do lists!  I am glad my list isn't this big!
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