Dec 24, 2010

Welcome to our Home Sweet (sometimes salty!!) Home!

Please allow me to introduce myself I'm a man...oh wait...I'm a woman of not so great wealth and a little bit of taste! Rolling Stones lyrics anyone??

Ok - so if you didn't get my cheesy first intro let me try again. My name is Bianca and I am many things but so far not yet a Blogger. I am wife to E, Mommy to Bubba (our dog), Daughter, Sister, Realtor, Flight Attendant, Gardener, Nanny, and anything else you need me to be today. Again, what I am not is a Blogger. I figured why not throw my hat into the ring and see what I can do - if I can help anyone (if I can help myself!) then it will all be worth the effort!

Here is a little back story on us...My boyfriend (now husband), E, and I moved into our 1950's brick ranch at the beginning of this year. See the pic still has the for sale sign up! A LOT has happened in this crazy year - I will spare you the mundane details - but the basic gist goes something like this:
  • Bought our house in the burbs but oh so close to the city...hmmmm, the city.
  • Got engaged - YES! Engaged!
  • Built an office in the basement for my dear husband-first changes to new house!
  • Began major construction on a tiny addition with big results which I will share more about later
  • Started my first organic vegetable garden - Much more about that later when I attempt to do it again this year
  • Began to plan wedding
  • Called wedding off after a large rainfall that flooded parts of basement and seeped in through brand new drywalled ceiling...oh the travesty...
  • Moved wedding out of town to Wisconsin and we were back on track with the planning
  • Finished construction of addition...mostly
  • Fostered 2 puppies that Bubba hated then began to love
  • Went to Bosnia to visit his family - him for the first time in 10 years me for the first time EVER
  • Had floors refinished while in Jamaica for Honeymoon
  • Painted Painted Painted
  • Began office remodel which is still still waiting to be moved into as I type this little post from my kitchen counter...move in day Sunday! Unless my husband kicks me out of here before then...arghh

So, as you can see, it has been a very very crazy year for us. The moving, construction, and wedding alone would kill most people but add on top of that a couple puppies, water issues in our house, and the fact that I try to work from home...well, it makes for a crazy life but it is OUR life and I am not sure we would have it any other way!

From this blog I hope to learn a few things of my own and maybe even teach a few things. As I said earlier - I do many things but bloggin isn't one of them. This year I am hoping to change that. It is not really a new years resolution (though I have a few) so much as it is a cataloging of our everyday events so we can learn from our triumphs (mostly by making mistakes) and maybe help a few people do the same!

So here is to 2011...a little early. Wearing thin on patience and with a shoestring budget I ask myself, "What can we sink our teeth into next??"

So long till next Post!
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