Dec 26, 2010

Stain these floors, Baby!

So we have been tossing and turning, literally, itching to get back into our master bedroom. Let me explain. Since we bought the house I have been dying to rip out the salmon colored cheapest grade possible wall to wall carpeting in our house. This delicious textile wove its way throughout most of our main floor - it was there to greet you at the front door, crept with you through our crazy 6 doored hallway, and sprawled out in each of the bedrooms. To make matters worse, our living room/dining room is adorned in a horrible blood red trim - both top and bottom + the windows! Red and Salmon are not friends on the color wheel - they will NEVER be friends...under no circumstances.

A couple months back, after peeling back a corner to find hardwood beneath, I decided to rip out the portion of carpet in one of the bedrooms which currently houses my office. At the crack of dawn I was rolling it up and tossing it downstairs to use as a temporary carpet in E's new office...he was not so happy to see it or the mess I had made of my office in the wee small hours of the morning. But it was done and could not be undone so on we went! The floors that lie beneath were not good...very very not good. Many pet stains and a weird rotton potato type funk that got my office to reek for weeks. I do you a solid by not attaching a picture of the wood floors beneath. To be honest I was so disgusted I could not even take the picture! So - when we were leaving for our honeymoon I decided it would be the best time to get these carpets out and the floors stained. Thankfully we had hardwood flooring under the carpet - it had seen better days but upon inspection from our floor guy, Tim, he assured us he could handle it. I was sold! Lets do it - where do I sign!

In order to do this job I would have to move all of our earthly belongings (ok - just the ones on the main floor of the house) to the newly finished family room/kitchen. Needless to say my hubs was not thrilled. We had JUST gotten rid of the construction crew and all the leftover random construction paraphernalia and now I wanted to move everything we own onto the living room? Including the bed? After I cleverly explained that this would be our only shot at it in the near future since we would be out of town and the dog would have a sitter since we were leaving for our honeymoon he agreed - with some reservation. So I pushed even further and said I would move ALL the furniture myself and he wouldn't have to do a single thing. That clinched it! We made our deal so I called Tim and made that deal too. I was on a roll!

We had a great time in Jamaica NOT thinking about the floors. See?

The moment we got home and I put the key in the door - even before opening the door - I could smell the stain and poly. STINKY! Add that to the mess of our house - wish I had a pic but we were too exhausted to take the cameras out - we decided to open all windows, turn on space heaters, and stay in our kitchen/living room/bedroom until the next day. Here are a few shots of what it looks like now:

Dont mind the mess...we are a work in progress!
A little closer you say?

The next day we moved into the guest bedroom so I could begin painting our future MB. Of course - that was not as straight forward as it sounded and took a little more time than expected. More on the MB remodel later...Im off to paint!!

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