Dec 30, 2010

Prime Time!

New Years Countdown continues with the third day of half done projects to be finished.

Day Three - Prime all blood red paint trim.

I started this a few weeks ago when I had a bit of leftover primer in my trim cup from a different project.  I swear that was a bottomless cup as I kept going and going with what I had.  I got about half the way done with our living room which now looks like this:

The other half of our living room still looks like this:

Today I broke out the trim cup again and went at it.  After the primer I will be needing a few coats of semi gloss white to finish it up but for now we will just focus on step at a time, folks!

Some simple steps to get started:

1.Remove any drapes or window hardware that will otherwise be painted.

2. Fill any holes from the removed hardware unless you plan to use them again.  In my case I will use these crappy old blinds again until we grab some more fashionable window treatments so they will be going right back where they came from.  :(

3. Vacuum, dust, and wipe down anything you will be painting.  Because I have Bubba as my assistant,  I have to wipe things down a few times throughout my painting time as she tends to like to pace the room and check out my progress which generates a constant stream of black fur where my white paint is supposed to be going.  See!

4. Once I have my primer all mixed up and ready to go I grab any old Tupperware that has long since lost its lid and fill er' up!  I have a trim bucket and all sorts of paint pans but for trim work I always thought this worked good and was a nice way to recycle junk I could no longer use.

5. I do not use a drop cloth as my hand is pretty steady from all the painting that I have done, however, if yours is not then you will definitely want to use one.  If not for the baseboards then at least for the trim on the ceiling so it doesn't fall to the ground and splatter.  Since our floors are hardwood, little paint droppings tend to pop right off if you scratch them.  Regardless, keep a damp spare towel near you so you can just wipe it up - why not clean as you go?  If you have carpet then USE A DROP CLOTH!

6. Slow and steady now.  You want a nice thin coat all across the board.  Don't worry that the ugly red (or whatever weird color yours may be) is showing through - that will be covered with one of the 3 coats of white semi gloss later.

    Here is the long anticipated after:

    That's it!  When you're all done go clean your brush and rinse your cup...unless you have extra primer in which case you should go start a project you wont soon finish!  Now take a moment to marvel at how purrtty it looks with just a bit of primer.  Then wait a few months to get around to the painting - it may be next years countdown to New Years when I decide to tackle the rest...

    What will I conquer tomorrow?  Stay tuned!


    Has anyone else had horrible paint trim or wall paint they have had to cover?  How many coats did it take you??

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