Dec 28, 2010

I'm Dreaming of a White Ceiling

Hello to all - I hope you are enjoying your holiday season and hopefully many days off from work or school.  My husband is home all week which means any project that is half finished will be pointed out to me on a daily basis...sometimes multiple times a day.  It is time for me to kick it into gear and finish a few projects that I have been too lazy to get to.  I am vowing to complete 1 "almost finished" project a day until new years.

Day one - Finish painting the ceiling in our Bedroom!

When we decided to stain the floors we moved everything to the Kitchen/Family room (as seen here) we also decided since everything was out of the bedroom it was time to purchase our much longed for (and currently on sale!!) PAX wardrobes.  This pic does not show our doors as they are now discontinued but more on those in a future post.
Hello, Lovaa!

Once we bought them we realized they would have to be built in our bedroom or they would never fit through our crazy 6 doored hallway. I put them together in the room and called E to help me stand them up - you need 2 people for this task or they will break!!  I am a true DIY'er and I never want any help but TRUST ME on this one.  Of course, once they were up I realized if I didn't paint behind them now I would never do it.  I realize no one would ever see the wall but I also knew I would not be able to sleep knowing what dirty little secret hid behind our wardrobe.  So the painting began.  Oh - and why put together the wardrobes and THEN paint?  That is a question we will never be able to answer but we vow to NEVER do it again!

I started with the trim, top and bottom in Freshaire (which is NO VOC) semi gloss available at Home Depot. and quickly realized how dingy the ceiling looked next to my freshly painted trim.  The good news is I already had bought the ceiling paint, also Freshaire from HD, as it was on sale for $8/gallon!  The bad news is - when you are painting a ceiling with 2 huge wardrobes in the room and a ceiling fan still attached you are bound to have a few problems maneuvering.  I decided I would put the wardrobes in the middle of the room and then paint the rest once I moved them to the wall.  By the time I finished painting everything (as seen here)  it was too dark to even see the ceiling so I decided to wait until morning.  By morning I was so sore from painting the ceiling - anyone who has painted a ceiling knows exactly what I am talking about - so I decided to wait till the next day. Then the next day came and I was too lazy to get all the paint stuff out again...then the next day and the next.  It is now over a month later and I still haven't painted the leftover patch on the ceiling...until today!

Before - Dingy Beige :(

After - Nice and White!

I realize the pictures came out a little dark but with the flash on it was a mess so this is the closest I could get to the true color tone.  I am so delighted to tell you that all it took was 5 minutes of prep mainly to cover the bed with plastic, 5 minutes of painting, and 5 minutes of clean up to finish the long awaited completion of this project!  15 minutes and $0.  I am checking this off the list and off to hunt out tomorrows project...


PS - Any ideas of what type of lighting I should put in the bedroom?  We had a fan there but it was loud so we never used it.  Also, E is VERY sensitive to drafts (kind of like an old lady :) ) so we were thinking of skipping the fan all together.  Let me know what you think!!
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