Dec 31, 2010

Half Bath Half done...

It is here - the final day of my Countdown to New Years "finish er' up" quest.  Today the long awaited end to the half done guest's all in the details, baby!  I mean, the bathroom is fully functional - it just looks a little scrappy. 

Day Four - Finish caulking, patching, and painting the 1/2 bathroom.

We rarely used this bathroom after the remodel once the cold whether came around.  Why, you ask?  Because there is no heat source in there!  It freezes your toush off every time said toush touches the seat.  We have since bought a little space heater which works great besides the fact you have to remember to plug it in and unplug it everyday.  Anywho, now that it is functional I am also reminded on a daily basis that it is not finished.  That, me lads, ends today.

Here it is as of this morning:

Here I am in patch and Caulk mode:

And here it is after a little caulky doodle do and patchy poo:

Here is the finished product.

OK OK - I still have to paint that tiny bit of trim near the ceiling but it got a little too dark by the time the ceiling paint was dry.  I PROMISE that will be done first thing tomorrow.  This case is officially closed and the Countdown to New Years is complete.  With all I got done this week I feel energized to start the new year off right!  I have decided to finish painting the trim which I primed earlier this week as seen here.

See you next year for final goodbyes to the red trim and a glimpse into resolutions we will try our best to keep up with!  So long 2010!!

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