Dec 29, 2010

Caulk Talk

When we did our big Kitchen reno (which I have yet to share with you but will in good time) we learned many things one of which was how un-level our walls and ceilings were.  That became much more apparent when we put up the cabinets.  Though they were all leveled with each other the rest of the room was a bit off.  Once we put the moldings on the top of the cabinets there were some pretty big gaps to cover.  Thanks goodness for caulk!  I started this project awhile back but never quite got around to finishing.  Yes - it is part of my theme week...

Day Two - Caulk the kitchen...and while I have it out, the 1/2 bath doorway too.

Here some pictures of what it looks like now as well as a few of the bathroom door jamb which we actually paid someone to install for us but it came out looking like we did it anyway.  Cheap labor does NOT always equal a good return - in fact, it almost always needs to be fixed later.  Thankfully my Uncle came out and fixed the other guys work but there was no fixing the damage to the wood he had done so I am forced to use a bit of wood filler and caulk in the repair process.  If you have the tools and the time, save yourself some money and frustration and start Googling.  There isn't much you cant figure out when you have You Tube at your disposal!  On to the pics:

And now back to business.  When caulking I like to have a dry paper towel or kitchen towel on hand to clean up my fingers or any blobs of caulk that go rogue.  I usually like to put a small bead of caulk on the item needing said caulking and then lick my pointer finger and smooth it out.  Ok - maybe not the most professional way of doing things but it works none the less.  There are many devices and gadgets out there for you to smooth your caulk but, in my opinion, the best one is your finger.  It is free and easy to clean...similar to my paint swatch tactics seen here.  However, since I am doing such a big space it will require multiple licking of the fingers and that isnt good for anybody.  Dont lick, caulk, and relick.  Not good!!  Instead I use a little cup of water - like a shot glass - and dip my finger in.  I know I could use that method all the time but as I have said many times before I am often lazy and not willing to go to the kitchen and get the glass and water.  In this case I shall succumb to the idea as I am already in my kitchen and really have no excuse to be lazy. 

I am inserting a little pic of the caulk bead process from another project but the idea is just the same:

Something to that effect.  Either way here is the end result. 

So, you see, nothing is perfect but pretty darn close. As for the doors - I still need to paint the trim and the doors themselves. That, Amigos, is a project I shall finish another day. Tomorrow I am breaking out the primer for the latest and final addition of "Conquer the Red". Stay tuned!


Got a caulking horror story?  Feel free to click the comment button and share it here!
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